Activity Cube For Toddlers

Activity cube for toddlers is a fun toy for those aged around 1 as they begin to discover the world around them. It has an educational element built-in too apart from the fun aspect. Most has a bead maze at the top to help toddlers to develop their motor skills while the sides will feature various designs ranging from matching pictures to learning the alphabets. Below are a few activity cubes that are worth looking into if you are planning to buy one for your toddler.

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

B Zaby Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube is one of the best-sellling activity play center toys on Amazon. This B. wooden activity cube measures 14″ wide by 14″ long with 5 faces of fun and a bright color scheme. At the top is a bead maze that loops and path trails for animal cut-outs which your toddler can maneuver around.

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On one of the sides, there are 4 windows which can be opened to reveal different animals with their names written at the back of the wooden pane. Next to it, lies spinning letters with corresponding picture of the animals at the back of the tiles. 3 zig-zag race paths adorned another side while the fourth side has 2 columns of spinners for kids to mix and match pictures of animals.

Should You Buy The Zany Zoo Activity Cube?

Some parents have sounded the alarm that this cube can be used by babies to help them pull up and stand. Therefore, if you are buying it for a younger one, it will not be advisable to leave them alone with the cube. While the corners are rounded, accidents can still happen if a kid is still unsteady on their feet. In this case, perhaps a push toy walker may be a more suitable item to get.

But overall, most buyer reviews online are positive about this toy. It can keep toddlers engaged for fairly long periods with the different acitvities that are available. The cube is well-made with interesting details to keep toddlers interested. The quality is there and the gender-neutral colors means this is a toy that you can keep and hand down to younger ones down the line.

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

Rather than a 4-sided cube, we picked the EverEarth Garden Activity Cube out because it offers more variety of play with its 6 sides. Like the B. Zany Zoo wooden activity cube, this one also has a bead maze and path trails at the top. But the animals are different with more garden type of creatures adorning the cube like a butterfly, bird, snail and bee.

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There are no letters on the sides but you have counting beads instead. So, instead of ABC, your toddler would be learning 123. On top of that, there is a shape sorter and 3 columns of spinning shapes. Therefore, there are many shapes that your kid can learn to recognize and learn with this toddler activity cube.

Another interesting side is the gears which is one toy that could fascinate toddlers. You can get more complex gear toys in the market if you find your toddler is interested in how everything moves together. A peg maze and sliding pegs complete the 6-sided activity cube or rather hexagon.

The Downside Of The EverEarth Wooden Cube

While it is well-made and solid, it does not come cheap. So, you would definitely want everything to be in order after play is over. However, this wooden activity cube has a magnetic shape sorter on one side and that means pieces can be easily lost. Also, because the pieces are removable, you would need to keep a close eye during play if your kid still has the habit of putting things into her mouth.

But if you want a shape sorter, that is the inconvenience that you will have to put up with. The cube itself is interesting to a toddler and it will keep them entertained.

Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

The Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube is smaller than the B. Zany Zoo as it measures only 12″ wide by 12″ long. But it is higher with a taller bead maze and this is where parents may find it more interesting. Toddlers have much room to maneuver the beads through the wires with the Play Cube compared to the more crowded design of the two other models above.

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Of the 4 sides, the pathfinder is much more elaborate than the EverEarth and B. Zaby Zoo. So is the gears side with 6 inter-locking gears for toddlers to spin. Alphabet tiles and abacus make up the the other 2 sides of the cube.

The Good And Bad About The Anatex Activity Cube

It is a good learning tool for toddlers but it could be a little overwhelming for some. The pathfinder, abacus and gears may be more fascinating for an older child than one who is still learning how to walk. But overall, most parents are happy with the entertainment and educational value of the toy.

However, while it is sturdy, the manufacturing is also a bit sloppy. There have been instances whereby the alphabets are not in the correct order. It is a shame because on the whole, this Anatex activity cube holds much promise as an educational and motor skill development toy. While the online reviews from parents regarding the quality and workmanship for this item are mixed, we do note that the recent ones have more compliments than brickbats.

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