American Plastic Toy My Very Own Kitchen Review

cheap kitchen playset for toddlers


The American Plastic Toy My Very Own Kitchen is a very basic playset. The features include:

  • A microwave right at the top
  • A range and grill
  • An oven in the middle
  • Shelf space and storage with hooks for utensils
  • A place for dishes and cutlery at the side
  • A place to hook the cell phone
  • Accessories such as cups, dishes pots and pans
  • Playset dimensions are 19.25 inches by 8.25 inches by 28.75 inches

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Should You Buy The My Very Own Kitchen?


  1. Cheap – This set is even cheaper than the Deluxe Custom Kitchen by the same company. It is a starter set meant for toddlers.
  2. Color – Unlike most cheaper kitchen sets that are pink in color, this one is available in a different shade to make it suitable for boys as well.
  3. Compact – This is a small set and it will be prudent to check the dimensions before you buy. It will work well for those who have only a small space to set up a play kitchen.


  1. Flimsy – The plastics are thin and the whole thing only weighs around 8 pounds. So, even your kids may be able to push this around and it will topple easily as a result.
  2. Alignment is off – Some buyers have complained that the microwave door is difficult to open and pulling on the handle could cause the kitchen to topple due to its light weight.
  3. Difficult to assemble – The pieces need to be broken off from a plastic sheet before assembly. This will leave sharp points on them which could hurt. One reviewer has suggested using a wire cutter to separate the pieces to prevent this problem.
  4. Durability – It is not going to last due to the thinness of the plastic.

This would only be suitable if you want something really small and will be played with only occasionally. If you are buying it to put in grandma’s house so that your kid can have some fun while he is there, then it would be okay. But if you expect him to play with it everyday, then save some money and get something a little better and bigger, if you have the space for it.

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This is because the set would be very quickly outgrown. As your kid grows taller, he will tower over the kitchen. On top of that, it is a little flimsy that you might need to get a replacement within a couple of months. And if you are thinking of passing this down to your younger kids, My Very Own Kitchen is certainly not the set to get. If you are really want something compact and cheap, you will definitely be better off with the Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen.

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