American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen Review

american plastic toys my very own gourmet kitchenHow much you are willing to spend on a play kitchen will determine the quality that you will be able to get. If you don’t mind a lightweight and really compact playset, then there should be no complaints. But if you are expecting a little more in terms of solidness and quality, then you can forget about the American Plastic Toys My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen.

For the features, these are what you will get with the playset:

  • Microwave at the top shelf
  • Range grill
  • Oven
  • Removable storage basket
  • Shelf space all around
  • Accessories included such as utensils, phone, pots and pans
  • The dimensions are 18.2 x 14 x 19 inches

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My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Price – It is a very cheap kitchen playset. It is comparable to the My Very Own Kitchen by the same company but this is even cheaper.
  2. Mobility – Because it is lightweight and compact, it is easy to move it around. You can shift it from your kid’s bedroom to the living room or any other place in the house with ease.
  3. Compact – Hardly any space is taken up with this playset. Unlike the huge ones like the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, you can easily find a corner to accommodate this toy.


  1. Too small – While small can be good, too small can also pose other problems. Most play food simply end up being too big for the pots and pans and the playset.
  2. Unsteady – The toy could easily topple because of its light weight. So, you will need to anchor it down because merely opening the microwave door could cause it to topple.
  3. Assembly is a pain – You will need to cut out the pieces from the plastic sheets before assembling.
  4. Quickly outgrown – Because of its small size, this will be very quickly outgrown.

The American Plastic Toy My Very Own Gourmet Kitchen is meant for toddlers.  We feel that the size of the set and the accessories are just too small to accommodate children older than 3. Older kids would also tower over the kitchen that play would be difficult.

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What this kitchen could be good for would be for occasional play. It could also work as a test toy if you are not sure if your kids are into kitchen playsets. It would be pointless to buy a nice and big play kitchen only to find out that your kids don’t enjoy playing with it. Therefore, try it out with a cheap set like this one and then only go for the more luxurious models when you know your kids love to play cook.

Basically, don’t expect much out of this toy as it is far from being the best toddler toy out there. Or simply give this a miss and shop for another.

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