Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Cedar Swing Set Review

It’s every child’s dream to have a swing in the backyard. While a tree swing is nice, nothing beats a whole playset that includes a swing, slide and fort. This is where the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II cedar swing set comes in. It has all of these and more to entice kids to spend their day outdoors swinging, sliding and playing pretend.

Given its size and variety of play, it is indeed a huge investment outlay for any parent. So, will the money be well-spent on this outdoor wooden playset? We will try to answer that in this review.

Skyfort II Cedar Swing Set Review

Skyfort II Cedar Swing Set

This Backyard Discovery Skyfort II all cedar swing set has these features for a wide range of play options:

  • Upper play fort
  • Balcony with toy telescope
  • Lower fort with sandbox area
  • Snack bench
  • 10-foot slide
  • 5-foot rock wall
  • 2 swings
  • 2-person glider
  • Flat step ladder
  • Monkey bars

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The manufacturer recommended age for this playset is 3 to 10 years. Made of Chinese cedar, the wood comes pre-stained and each board is stamped with a part number to help with the building process. It has no chemical additives. This type of wood has also been tested and found to be highly decay resistant.

The dimensions of the whole playset is approximately 21’11” (W) x 16’9” (D) x 12’4” (H) although you also need to leave sufficient space all round for safe play. 9 children can safely play on this home playground quipment as long as each weighs no more than 150lbs.

Should You Buy This Backyard Discovery Swing Set?

  1. Variety of play options – This set combines many types of play into a single set. Therefore, there is no longer a need to buy other outdoor toys for your kid like a dome climber or a trampoline since this would be enough to keep them occupied. The fort can also double up as a playhouse for imaginative play.
  2. Your kid can grow into it – Because the playset has lots to do on it, a 3-year-old kid will have enough to keep him occupied as he grows older and begins to explore the different play options. If you have more than 1 child, then these different features will also be able accommodate the different age groups. For instance, the younger one can get on the glider while the older kid swings on the monkey bars.
  3. Kids will love this – This reason is good enough for many parents to want to splurge on this backyard playset.
  1. Assembly is a pain – This is a very common complaint from buyers. Online reviews are littered with this issue. Some find the manual to be unclear while others complained that the pre-drilled holes are not there or do not align. Assembly will easily take you over 20 hours. So, if you are spending 8 hours a day on this project, you will need 3 days to get it done. There are many others who took more than that to put it up. Alternatively, you can get a professional to build it for you but you would have to fork out more money on top of what you have already paid for the set.
  2. Poor wood quality – There are buyers who think that the wood is too thin that it feels cheap for the price paid.
  3. Durability problem – The playset may not last beyond 5 years as the thin wood may start to crack and peel. You will need to water seal it for protection at the outset and re-stain every year for a longer lifespan which means there is the maintenance aspect to consider. Alternatively, you can get a metal swing set for easier maintenance.

No doubt the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II cedar swing set is a heavy investment. The assembly also requires time and serious effort. Therefore, if you are not a handyman, you really need to think twice about taking up this project, unless you are prepared to pay someone to do it for you.

On top of that, don’t expect that this would be a best buy due to the thinness and quality of the wood. If you can accept that this may last you about 4 to 5 years before it needs to be rebuild or replaced, then you probably wouldn’t be disappointed. After all, your kids would probably have outgrown it by then. The reality is this is the quality you are going to get for this price range because thick, solid, high quality wood will cost you much more.

Overall, we think this is a great outdoor swing set for the kids because of the different types of play available which they will greatly enjoy for the next few years. This is where all your money and hardwork will make it worthwhile.

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