Best Dinosaur Toys For Boys

Apart from cars and trains, dinosaurs is another big hit among boys. And with the Jurassic Park movies bringing these creatures onto the big screen, they are all the more captivating to youngsters. The simple toys will just consist of a tub of vinyl dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. But the more elaborate ones are also the more fun toys to have. Below we have picked out a few cool dinosaur toys for boys that they would love to have.

WolVol Walking Dinosaur Triceratops

WolVol Walking Dinosaur Triceratops Toy

This is a triceratops toy with lights, movements and sounds. It has flashing lights all around the head where the horns are and can walk and crawl on its own. It makes a roaring sound and with its big eyes, it does look cute and appealing to kids. You need 3 ‘AA’ batteries to operate this dinosaur toy.

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It is not too expensive, retailing at less than $25 at the time of writing. Generally, it is a well-made and solid toy with liable materials for the horns. This ensures that the most fragile parts are not so easily breakable.

However, while kids will find this fun, adults may find this a little irritating because of the continuous roaring sound that it makes. There is no volume control which is a large drawback. The sound is not very loud but repetitive. So, chances are your kid will love this toy dinosaur, but you may find it driving you nuts!

Dinosaur Toy / Room Guard / Motion Sensor

T-Rex Projector Toy

This is a very different kind of dinosaur toy for a pre-schooler. This one is actually a toy, room guard/motion sensor and projector rolled into one. It has 5 roar sounds and with a motion sensor and trembler alert, it will warn you when someone comes into your room by unleashing those mighty sounds. A hidden switch will enable you to turn this feature on and off.

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For the projector, there are 24 images for you to view from the 3 discs provided. These discs are inter-changeable and you can slot one onto the back and rotate it to change the image. It projects images over 3 feet and you can also adjust the sharpness by manipulating the dinosaaur’s arms.

To us, this is definitely a cool T-Rex toy. The motion sensor will surely get your kid all excited. On top of that, there is the educational aspect with the projector displaying 24 different dinosaurs for your kid to get familiar with. You don’t even have to worry about losing the video discs because there is a storage compartment on the back of the T-Rex just for them.

This Kidzlane T-Rex projector is a unique dinosaur toy indeed. Perhaps they could enhance this to make it even cooler by having a remote switch to change the images although that means you will be paying a much higher price for it. As it is, you will have to manually rotate the discs to view the different dinosaurs.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex

Fisher Price Imaginext Mega T Rex

The battery-powered Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-Rex should be another one of the best dinosaur toys for boys. Not only it has motorized action and sound effects but the armor too is removable to make play more interesting. When you push a button, its neck will swing while opening its jaws to be accompanied by a roaring sound. Its arms and tail are also animated. Basically, the movements that mimic a real dinosaur will catch the imgination of young children.

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The Fisher-Price T-Rex comes equipped with helment, blasters and control pod to make it look robotic. The blasters can fire projectiles to spice up play like a robot toy while discs activation is required to open up the control pod door. A figurine is also provided and it fits nicely in the control pod.

This is not a particularly large dinoasur toy. It only measures about a foot high. You can remove all the armor and revert this to classic dinosaur play. Or you could make it more interesting by getting other Imaginext dinosaurs to simulate a battle with all the armors on. After all, this is part of a series. Whatever it is, boys will find this one of the coolest dinosaur toys around.

On the downside, the armor quality could be a bit better. It is rather flimsy as it is and the pod door flips open constantly. The dinosaur too is head-heavy which means it can topple over easily. But with the battle gear, everything is forgotten where kids are concerned because it really transforms the T-Rex into something exciting with a futuristic theme from what is essentially a pre-historic creature.

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