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All boys like to be superheroes. If it isn’t a character out of comic books, a firefighter or policeman would be next on the list. Hence, fighting fires and catching thieves are always part of their play routine. So, if you want to delight a boy, you can’t really go wrong with a police station or a fire station toy.

Below are a few of the best fire station playsets in the market.

Kidkraft Fire Station Set

Kidkraft Fire Station Set

The Kidkraft Fire Station Set is a wooden toy fire station. There are 2 levels to this station and it sits on a lazy susan which makes it easy for kids to turn it around and access each room for play.

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The doors swings open and shut to accommodate the fire truck. The walls are decorated and 2 firefighters are included in the box. You will also get a fire truck, helicopter and 10 pieces of furniture to fill up the fire station.

The Good
  1. It is a change from plastic playsets and there are no sounds to annoy you.
  2. Besides being a fire station, it also works well as a dollhouse. While most dollhouses are designed for girls, boys will find this more to their liking.
  3. Most fire station playsets will include a fire truck but not a helicopter. This KidKraft fire station set has both to help kids in their firefighting adventures.
  4. The firehouse is very detailed and the furniture pieces enhances the look.
The Bad
  1. Clumsy little hands will knock over the furniture pieces during play and may frustrate them.
  2. The firehouse does not attach to the lazy susan. It just sits on it and hence, could fall off if it isn’t placed in the middle.
  3. Some of the parts could be a little delicate and will not be able to withstand rough play like the helicopter blades.
  4. The firefighter figurines are hard to bend to put onto chairs.

If you prefer wooden toys for your kids, then the KidKraft Fire Station Set is a good buy. Apart from pretending to be firefighting, the dollhouse design also allows for a different kind of play. Your kids may need to be gentler with this toy but it does give a lot of room for creative and imaginative play with the figures and furniture pieces. There is also a similar but bigger set which combines a police and fire station and that is the KidKraft Everyday Heroes Playset.

Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Fire Station Prime

Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Fire Station Prime

The Transformers Rescue Bots Playskool Heroes Fire Station Prime has something extra to make it more interesting for the boys, especially if they are into robot toys. Rather than it being a plain fire station playset, it has been expanded to include robots to the rescue missions. So, the firehouse is actually a robot in disguise with a knob that allows the facade to be changed into the Optimus Prime robot figure.

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There is also a button which your kid can press to activate lights, sounds and phrases to get ready for adventure. The Cody Burns figure is included and he can take the elevator to the top of the fire training tower or slide down the pole. The elevator moves when the crank at the side is turned. There is a water cannon that can launch projectiles to put out the fires on the training tower and working garage doors for the rescue vehicle to get in and out.

The package also includes Heatwave The Fire-Bot vehicle which has a hidden robot figure on the underside and a story book. The fire station can be folded close once play is over. A handle at the top makes it convenient to carry this anywhere.

The Good
  1. The option to transform the fire station into a robot command centre is a change from traditional firehouse playsets. It will be more exciting for kids to be able to interchange between the two facades.
  2. There are enough features to make play interesting like activating the sounds, raising the elevator and putting out the fires with the water cannon.
  3. The fire station is foldable which is more convenient for storage and portability.
  4. The quality of the toy is good as it seems solid and durable.
  5. The story book is a nice add-on to encourage kids to read and expand on the storyline as they play with the toy.
The Bad
  1. The Heatwave vehicle does not transform. It just has a robot figure on the underside which is visible when the vehicle is stood up on one end.
  2. The garage doors may not turn smoothly and could get jammed at times.
  3. Only Heatwave and Cody Burns are included in the pack. You will need to buy other rescue bot figurines to make play more interesting.

This Playskool fire station featuring Optimus Prime would be great for Transformers’ little fans. Even if they aren’t a fan, it is still a cool fire station toy. The biggest disappointment is the non-transforming vehicle and for that, you may have to fork out extra to get a Transformers robot separately for your kids.

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