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Many people like renting an inflatable bounce house for parties. It is fun and kids simply love playing inside. But rather than renting, why not buy one for your kids instead. No doubt, these will not be commercial grade bounce houses but they are still fun for home use just for your kids. Let’s take a look at some of the best indoor bounce house units that you can set up in your home.

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer comes in 2 sizes. The junior one could probably fit indoors if you have a space that is large enough to fit a 10′ x 7′ x 5′ inflatable bounce house with allowance for safety space all round. The regular size unit measures about 12′ x 9′ x 6′.

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This inflatable bounce house is designed for outdoor use with stakes provided for you to anchor it to the ground. But many parents have bought it to be used indoors as well because the size fits. So, if you can’t anchor it to the ground, the bounce house will just move a little when kids are jumping on it. You just need to be aware of this problem and provide enough clearance for safety.

The junior bouncer has a jumping area of 7′ x 7′ with a recommended maximum number of kids and weight limit of 2 and 160lbs respectively. 1 heavy duty blower is included with 1 carry bag and 4 repair patches. 2 blowers stakes 4 bouncer stakes are also provided.

This kids bounce house also has an extra wide slide that allows for 2 kids to slide down at the same time. Made of puncture-resistant material, it has high protective mesh netting on 3 sides to keep kids safe.

The Good
  1. Although the recommended number of kids is 2 for the junior and 3 for the regular bounce house, many parents have commented online that they have had more kids than that inside the bounce house jumping at the same time. So, it can take more kids without much problem. It is only the safety aspect you need to worry about.
  2. Easy to set up – It takes only 2 to 3 minutes to get it fully inflated.
  3. This Little Tikes bounce house is of good quality with most parents generally happy with the purchase and durability as seen by the high ratings online. Complaints of punctures are there but few and far in between all the positive compliments.
  4. The slide is a fun addition to the bouncer for the kids.
The Bad
  1. This small bounce house is easy to take down but it is hard to stuff it back into the carry bag when play is over.
  2. The blower could be a bit loud to some if it is set up indoors.

Kids will get lots of fun out of a bounce house. It could be a better option for younger kids too compared to a trampoline since the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer also has a slide to double the fun. With the smaller footprint compared to commercial grade bounce houses, you can also choose to set it up indoors so that your kids can still have their fun during the winter months unlike an outdoor playset.

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

The Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer is another popular bounce house for the kids. At the time of writing, it is about $70 more than the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide junior bouncer but the selling points include an extra durable commercial vinyl floor and reinforced seams. So, it can hold 3 kids or 300lbs of weight capacity compared to the Little Tikes bounce house with slide.

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This unit comes with a blower, carry case, inflatable stakes and blower stakes. There is also a small slide to climb up to the bouncing area. The safety nets are on all 4 sides with the entrance having velcro straps to ensure your kids stay inside while jumping. The protecting netting goes up to 5′ from the bouncing platform.

The inflatable indoor bounce house has a footprint of about 8.5′ (W) x 11′ (L) x 8′ (H). The jumping area inside the netting is about 78″ x 76″.

The Good
  1. It is a good quality bouncy house with a 5-star rating on Amazon from hundreds of reviews at the time of posting. The fabric seems durable and if you keep to the recommended weight limit, it should last you at least a few years. Having said that, there are many online reviewers who have let more than 3 kids inside with no damage to the bounce house at all.
  2. Set up is fast as the house can inflate in about 2 minutes for play to start.
  3. The safety netting on all 4 sides means you can fill up the area with plastic balls to transform it into a ball pit for additional fun.
The Bad
  1. The floor can get too hot on a sunny day that it becomes uncomfortable for those without socks if you are setting it up outdoors during the summer. Since there is no roof, you might need to set it up in the shade to overcome this problem. Alternatively, it is time to keep this away and bring out an inflatable water slide instead when summer comes!
  2. A few buyers have commented that the unit doesn’t feel as bouncy as other bouncing houses due to the material used for the jumping area. But younger kids probably wouldn’t notice this at all.

Which One Should You Buy?

Between the Little Tikes Jump n’ Slide Bouncer and the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer, the latter seems like a better choice if you have younger kids. This is because there is safety netting all around and hence, your kids are far less likely to tumble out. Furthermore, the fully enclosed jumping area means there is the option to fill it with balls for more fun.

The drawback of this design is that there is a risk that the entrance netting will get torn with kids entering and exiting all the time. It also makes it harder for them to get in and out. In terms of price, the Blast Zone bounce house is also the more expensive option of the two.

But overall, if you value safety, buy the Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer. After all, the quality is no less, if not better, than the Little Tikes bounce house and the size is more or less the same.

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