Best PAW Patrol Toys

If your kids like the PAW Patrol series, they would surely be thrilled with some of their toys. There is a wide range of these toys available that you can have your pick from simple figurines to playhuts. Below are a few of the best PAW Patrol toys that we have come across for you to choose from.

PAW Patrol Zoomer Marshall

Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall

This PAW Patrol toy is Marshall and he moves and acts just like the character it represents. The manufacturer has bundled in many interactive features into this toy. Altogether, it can perform 80 interactive missions and tricks as well as emit up to 150 PAW Patrol sounds.

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Hence, Zoomer Marshall can talk, move on its own and respond to touch and movement. With a sensor that can detect a wave of your hand, the toy will be able to follow you along. To listen to the different phrases and sounds it can utter, you just need to press down on its head. The Pup Pack it carries can transform and spring-loaded water cannon launchers will bring excitement to your kids in battling an imaginary blaze.

The good thing about the PAW Patrol Zoomer Marshall is that there is a wide range of missions and phrases programmed into the toy. This means it doesn’t utter the same thing each time like many toys do. With less repetition, kids won’t get bored of it as quickly. There is also 2-volume settings which gives you the ability to lower the sound effects when it gets a little annoying.

The downside is it requires 4 AA batteries to operate and they are not included in the box. It also takes practise for Marshall to follow you as the sensor needs to detect your hand movement. Thus, the younger kids may find there is a learning curve to make this feature work. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best PAW Patrol toys out there with its interactive missions.

PAW Patrol Monkey Temple Playset

Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset

What is interesting about the PAW Patrol Monkey Temple Playset is that it can transform into a command centre. Kids can do this easily by rotating the doors and the temple head. On top of that, there is a trap door, an elevator and vines for the monkey to climb and slide down.

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The playset comes equipped with lights and sounds which can be activated with a push of a button. Included in the playset is the pup Tracker, the monkey Mandy and a vehicle. You can also get more jungle vehicles like the Skye’s Jungle Copter to complement this toy.

For parents, the PAW Patrol Monkey Temple Playlet is easy to assemble with no tools required. The parts are merely snap-on pieces. It also comes with 3 LR44 batteries but you might not have them on hand when it comes to replacements. These are the button cell  batteries rather than your typical AA batteries.

For kids, the toy is attractive and brightly coloured. The sounds also change when it is transformed to match either the temple or command centre theme. The transformation gives kids different scenarios to play with which encourages creativity and imagination.

The not so good thing about this Monkey Temple Playset is that the interactive features are limited. Your kids will need to add more figurines and other toys in their collection to keep play interesting over time.

PAW Patrol Lights And Sounds Air Patroller Plane

Paw Patrol Air Patroller Plane

Your kids will have a choice with the PAW Patrol Lights and Sounds Air Patroller Plane as it can transform from a helicopter to a airplane and vice-versa. All that needs to be done is to flip the propeller sections up or down for the change of mode. It also has lights and sounds to accompany the toy. A button on the handle makes it easy to activate the sounds and real working wheels makes take-offs and landings more realistic.

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The Air Patroller Plane comes with the Robopup figure but you can fit 2 figurines in the cockpit and another 4 in the cargo area. It complements nicely with the Paw Patroller shown below as it is designed to fit on its rooftop.

With space in the toy for more figurines in the series, it helps to create exciting adventures for the kids. The airplane and helicopter sounds will also attract kids’ attention. The sounds will switch accordingly when the mode is changed. However, it is not too loud that it annoys adults nearby.

On the downside, this is a simple toy and may be too simplistic for some. Without a wider variety of sounds and interactive features, it may not hold a kid’s attention for long. It will also be more interesting to kids if the propellers could spin on their own. But simplicity also has its value because it can stimulate greater imagination in young children. So, although simple, the Air Patroller Plane remains one of the best PAW Patrol toys with its high ratings from buyers.

PAW Patroller

Paw Patroller

The PAW Patroller is the ultimate rescue vehicle because it can transport 3 PAW Patrol vehicles inside and display a total of 6 vehicles when opened up. The cab in front can accommodate 4 pups for a rescue mission. The rooftop has a landing pad for the Air Patroller Plane or other flying PAW Patrol toys.

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Your kids can manoeuvre 3 vehicles into the Patroller, close the door and push it around. There are sound effects like those you hear in the show. A push of a button on Ryder’s command centre will activate the sound. An elevator is also included in the Patroller to bring the vehicles to the command centre.

Apart from the PAW Patroller, what are included in the box are Ryder, his ATV vehicle and 3 LR44 batteries. In other words, you will need to buy more vehicles separately to maximise play for the Patroller. This is also the downside of this toy. If your kids already have a few of these vehicles, this would be a great addition. Otherwise, be prepared to spend more money to buy additional pieces to make play more interesting.

But if you have enough vehicles and figurines to go with this huge transporter, then this will make your kids excited as they can push their vehicles inside and head off to their imaginary adventures in one of the best PAW Patrol toys.

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