Best Pink Outdoor Playhouse For Girls

Girls like pink. Girls also like playhouses. So, a combination of the two would be just perfect, right? What are the choices out there then? Which is the best pink outdoor playhouse for girls that you can get?

Little Tikes Pink Outdoor Playhouse 

little tikes princess cottage playhouse

This is the Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse. It has pink walls with brick detailing and a light purple roof. With a contemporary styling, it does look like a real home. There are 2 working doors – one each at the front and back. At the sides are windows with working shutters. There is a mail slot for your kid to play pretend and a flag holder for a little decoration.

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The playhouse measures about 42.75” (L) x 35” (W) x 49” (H). It is not too large and hence, you can set it up indoors if you wish.

The Good
  1. It is cheap. While most plastic playhouses will cost you over $200, this one is less than $150 at the time of writing (price subject to change).
  2. This Little Tikes pink outdoor playhouse is lightweight. It weighs about 30 lbs. It is possible for one person to move it if there is a need.
  3. It is easy to assemble. You don’t need to spend hours putting it together. A hands-on person can probably get it done in half an hour.
  4. The Dutch doors and side windows make it easy to see what your kids are up to inside the playhouse.
  5. The mail slot is a nice touch and encourages play pretend when a play mate drops by.
The Bad
  1. It doesn’t seem as sturdy as other Little Tikes playhouses. The plastic seems to be of a flimsier construction which may explain why it is lighter in weight than the best playhouses out there.
  2. The little girls’ playhouse is on the small side. It is best for those aged 2 to 3 years old.
  3. There is nothing on the inside. There is no kitchenette for kids to play pretend and the interior would be too small to fit in a table and chair.

However, despite the cons, the price makes this pink outdoor playhouse a very attractive buy. If you don’t want to spend too much on a plastic playhouse for a little girl, then the Little Tikes Princess Cottage Playhouse is worth thinking about.

Step2 Pink And White Outdoor Playhouse

sweetheart outdoor playhouse

This one is the Step2 Sweetheart Playhouse. It is not entirely pink like the Little Tikes playhouse above but it does have a pink roof and shutters. It also has more features to hold a girl’s attention. A working door bell with a realistic chime is a nice addition to make the playhouse feels like a real home. A full-sized door adds to the fun. Working shutters and a decorative roof with skylight make the interior bright and cheery.

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On the inside, there is a convertible table top that flips outward to transform into a barbecue grill with clicking knobs. An electronic phone and a clock with movable hands in the interior also give kids more items to play pretend with.

The Good
  1. This pink and white outdoor playhouse is cute. It fits girls perfectly with its heart-shaped patterns right above the door as well as a flower pot.
  2. The interior is large enough to fit an adult inside. The tallest point is about 55″. 2 or 3 toddlers can play inside without a problem.
  3. There are enough features to keep kids entertained including a doorbell, stove/grill table top, clock and phone.
  4. Although large, it is still fairly easy to assemble. Even grandparents can get it done without a problem.
  5. This playhouse is very sturdy. It weighs over 90 lbs with durable plastic construction.
  1. This Step2 plastic playhouse is expensive for a toy. You have to pay almost $350 for it at the time of writing (price subject to change).
  2. For the price, it could have come with a floor. Without a floor, it can get muddy and stains the playhouse when it rains.
  3. Accessories like flowers are not included although there is a flower pot. Similarly, there are no pots and cutlery to go with the stove and grill top.

Although expensive, this Step2 pink and white outdoor playhouse is one of the best girls’ playhouses out there. It is durable and will last you through a few kids which makes the price worthwhile. That is, besides being cute and sweet.

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