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Apart from robot and dinosaur, one other toy that would appeal to boys would be a pirate ship. They could imagine the battles on the high seas and the cannons they could fire to defeat the enemy. But which would be the best pirate ship toy out there thay would give your kid countless hours of fun? The ideal would be one with enough features to make the ship full of surprises and interesting for play like secret compartments and a rotating steering wheel.

Fisher Price Imaginext Black And Red Pirate Ship

Imginext Pirate Ship

The Fisher Price Imaginext Black and Red Pirate Ship is quite a large toy with a 14″ height and 18″ length from stem to bow. It comes with 2 pirate figures with swords to let the battle begins. If that is not enough, there is a triple cannon launcher that could fire all the 3 projectiles at once or individually through the bottom compartment.

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On the ship, there are disks that could fit the figures provided to make them turn to work the different features. Your kid can pull the cord to drop the anchor and then raise it by turning the disk. He can release the sails and extend the gangplank the same way too. Put the 2 pirate figures on one end of the ship and turn the disk at the side to let them duel. The pirate ship toy also moves in a rocky way when pushed along to mimic traveling on rough seas.

The Good
  1. There are enough features or movable pieces built into the ship to make play interesting including the triple cannon launcher.
  2. Wheels at the bottom of the ship means it is easy to move it around without scratching your floor.
  3. The sails are made of fabric rather than plastic to make the ship looks more realistic.
  4. This Imaginext pirate ship is durable and sturdy to withstand rough play.
  5. The storage area in the bottom of the ship is large enough to store the pirate figures and cannons so they don’t get lost easily.
The Bad
  1. There are only 2 figures provided. You might need to get more separately if you have more than 1 kid sharing this toy.
  2. The ship does not float and this could be disappointing for a kid. It is not designed to be a pool toy.
  3. The pirate figures may not fit easily onto the pegs to make them duel on one end of the ship.

This is one of the best pirate ship toys because the workable parts are simple enough for younger kids to operate but at the same time, the number of these parts will keep things interesting for the older kids as well. Hence, it won’t be so quickly outgrown as your kid will still be able to enjoy playing with this toy ship as he gets older.

Fisher Price Disney Captain Jake And The Never Land Pirates – Mighty Colossus

Disney Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates - Mighty Colossus

The Fisher Price Disney Captain Jake And The Never Land Pirates – Mighty Colossus pirate ship toy is a little different because it can be opened up to provide 360-degree play. Over 2 feel tall, there are 4 levels with 8 actions altogther for multi-level play. Captain Jake and Lord Fathom figures are included with this playset.

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Your kid can put a figure behind the wheel which turns, or on the crow’s nest and imagine him looking through his telescope. With the slide attached to the crow’s nest, the figures can slide down to the deck below or use the flip-down rope ladder. There is a catapult on the main deck from which your kid can launch coconuts or he can use the double cannon to fire more projectiles from the portholes.

Below deck, there is the Captain’s quarters with a hidden trap door that reveals a treasure room. There is also a prison compartment to lock up the enemy. Rolling wheels makes this easy for your kid to push it around the house.

The Good
  1. If your kid is a fan of Captain Jake, this will be a cool toy to get.
  2. This Fisher Price pirate ship toy is large and hence, more than 1 kid can play with it at the same time.
  3. There are a few working features to keep kids occupied for a longer period of time.
  4. It opens up like a farmhouse playset to reveal more levels inside and secret compartments for further imaginative play.
  5. The wheels are great for pushing around the house.
The Bad
  1. You have to assemble before play. There are over 20 parts that you need to put together as well as stickers to affix.
  2. There are only 2 figurines provided for such a large toy pirate ship.
  3. The door doesn’t stay close when the ship is pushed along on its wheels.

Like the Imaginext playset above, the Might Colossus pirate ship toy is also worth a buy if you don’t mind the assembly. Because it opens up, there are more levels to play with and more options to place the figurines. More activities can happen in the lower compartments compared to the Imaginext playset with everything concentrated on the main deck.


Playmobil Pirate Ship

The PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship has more interesting working parts compared to the 2 Fisher Price playsets above. This also means it is more suited for those aged 4 years and above. The length of the ship is about 26″ while the height is roughly 22″. There are small wheels at the bottom but you can float this ship on water.

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You have 4 figures provided with the set as well as 2 working cannons. The sails are water-resistant and won’t wrinkle easily when wet. Your kid will find it interesting to work the crane to raise and lower cargo into a compartment below deck. He can swing the hoist around too. He can also pull the silver-colored string to lower the anchor and raise it back up. The ports on both sides of the ship can be raised to reveal cannons although these are not workable.

There is a lookout point on the ship with flags at the top to make it look realistic as a pirate ship. Between the masts, there is a zipline which allows the figurines to transport from one mast to the other. On the rear of the ship, there is the captain’s cabin below deck. Also included is a magic coin which seems like a decoration on the pirate ship but which can be used for Playmobil’s Pirate Adventure Island playset.

The Good
  1. The playset looks interesting for the older kids like the cargo hoist which uses the pulley concept and the zipline.
  2. You can complement this set with other Playmobil sets in the series. Since it is part of the Pirates theme, your kid can build this into something bigger to double the fun.
  3. It can float on water although you will need to buy the Playmobil Underwater Motor which is sold separately.
  4. The ship is very detailed which makes it look realistic.
  5. There are 2 movable cannons with rolling wheels which your kid can put anywhere on the deck for more play flexibility.
The Bad
  1. You will need to assemble this if you are buying it for a young kid. With many small parts, assembly could take you about an hour.
  2. The cannons for the portholes do not fire. It is only for detailing.
  3. There is no toy treasure included for the treasure chest.

The PLAYMOBIL Pirate Ship is more expensive than the Fisher Price ones but they are more detailed. Your kid may need to be a little more delicate with it due ot the nature of some of the parts which is why it is best for those aged 4 and older rather than for toddlers.

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