Best Plastic Slides For Kids

You don’t have to bring your kids all the way to the playground to play on a slide. Nowadays, there are many plastic slides for kids that you can buy off the shelf and leave it in the house or out in your backyard for them to play with. Below we have picked out the best children’s slide available in the market at the time of writing that is both entertaining and practical.

Step 2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide

Step 2 big folding slide

The Step 2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide is certainly a bestseller in its category. Why? This is because it is big enough to satisfy the need for thrill for the kids and worth the money for parents as it is not so quickly outgrown.

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Recommended for ages 2 to 5, some parents rather spend their money on this than the toddler climbing toys that come with a slide, even when their kids have barely touched 2 years of age. It is an outdoor slide that a child can grow into. Yes, it would be a little too tall and unsafe for a toddler. You will need to supervise your kid if she is still too young to know how to balance herself while climbing and sliding. But give it another few months and the Big Folding Slide will be just right and she would be able to play with it until she is around 5. If you get a toddler slide, all the excitement would be gone a few months down the road.

On the safety aspects, the slide comes with high side rails and easy to grip handles for small hands. The maximum weight that it can support is 50 lbs and it is very sturdy. There is a cruved end too to prevent kids from landing hard onto the ground. Practical-wise, this large toy can be folded  and hung up. What this means is you can easily shift this from indoor to outdoor and vice-versa, depending on the season. It also makes it easy for storage when play is over.

Made of double wall polyethylene material, it is highly durable, even if left outdoors. It won’t crack easily and the colors too are not prone to fading. No bright colors are seen as is the norm for many kids toys. Instead, it is designed to complement outdoor surroundings with brown and green shades.

Downside Of The Big Folding Slide

On the downside, this Step 2 slide is pricey. At the time of writing, you have to pay close to $100 to get it for your kids while you can probably get a tree swing for less. And if you have a toddler, this tall slide could be a real challenge for her.

But as mentioned, it is great for those aged 2 and above and will provide sliding fun for your kids for at least a couple of years. To us, it is worth a buy for its size and durability. Furthermore, you can rarely go wrong with a slide because it will always be one of the favourite playground toys for kids.

Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

Little Tikes easy store slide

The Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide is very similar to the Step 2 Naturally Playful Big Folding Slide. They weigh about the same (about 26 lbs) and their dimensions too are not far different. The slide is 5 feet long and the width is about 10 inches which is just nice for those aged 5 and below. Older kids may find it to be a tight fit. The height from the top of the seat is about 31″, similar to the Step 2 slide which is just about an inch or so higher.

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It has a gentle slope with easy to climb steps. It also has a wide base for stability. Like its competitor, you can unlock it and fold it up for storage. But because of its size, bear in mind that it is still a fairly large and thick item when it is folded up. It is not smething that you can leave behind the door when play is over. You will need to allocate some space for it for storage purposes.

The list price for both the Little Tikes and Step 2 slides are the same at $99.99 at the time of posting. But sometimes, with discounts, you can get one or the other for a cheaper price. For instance, the Little Tikes slide is the cheaper one at the moment by about $13.

Step 2 Big Folding Slide vs Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

So, which one should you buy as an outdoor slide? If you don’t mind the colors (the Little Tikes one has a blue slide instead of green), then of course, take a look at the price at the time of purchase. However, we do note that there are slightly more complaints about assembly from buyers for the Easy Storage Slide than the Step 2 Big Folding Slide in online reviews. Some parents find the it difficult to attach the stairs for the former with holes that don’t align. So, you might like to take this into consideration when you want to buy one of these kids’ plastic slides.

Step 2 Teeter Totter

The other thing to consider is whether you would like to buy other outdoor playsets to complement the slide. Step 2 and Little Tikes have other outdoor toys and items in the product line that matches the color and design of their slides. For example, the Big Folding Slide can be paired up with the Teeter Totter and Picnic Cottage, which is an outdoor playhouse,  while the Little Tikes slide matches with a picnic table. Thus, if you are interested in getting items that match and look good in your backyard, you might like to pick the right brand which has the items that you want.

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