Best Remote Control Car For 3 Year Old

The best remote control car for 3 year old boys should be simple with easy to manage controls. Generally, a simple car is more than enough to keep them entertained for hours without the need for high speed and power. As such, these are cheap toys for boys that could offer much fun and excitement. They could be even cheaper than toy car garage playsets.

Below are 2 of the best remote control cars for kids and would make a great first RC car for the little ones.

Haktoys HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister

Haktoys Invincible Tornado Twister

The Haktoys Invincible Tornado Twister will dazzle any young kid. It can do spins, flips, wheelies and 360-degree coiling besides the normal forward, backward and left and right turns. Basically, it would make their jaw drop just to watch all the stunts it can perform.

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The tires are the big off-road type and comes transparent. This is to make the wheels light up when in play. This means the remote control car turns into a very attractive vehicle when in action with its colorful LED lights. It also has pre-recorded sounds and songs that you can play and change with the remote.

The remote uses a plastic antenna for child safety. It has a range of 40 feet. The car runs on rechargeable batteries while the remote needs 2 AA batteries.

The Good
  1. It has a very sturdy design and less fragile than a lot of RC cars out there. Kids can be rough with the car without it breaking apart.
  2. There are variety to the stunts which makes play interesting for the kids
  3. Because it can do a lot of tricks with its large wheels, it doesn’t get stuck or flipped over like the usual RC cars.
  4. The sound can be turned off, so it wouldn’t be annoying to the adults.
The Bad
  1. The charge doesn’t last that long and hence, you need to recharge each time before play.
  2. There are complaints online that the car doesn’t last long. Some are defective out of the box while others die off after a few months of play.

The Invincible Tornado Twister will definitely be able to keep kids occupied with its various stunts. Even if you have a 2 year old who can’t control the vehicle as yet, he will still have fun watching you do the tricks with it. The only problem is there is a risk of defects but with its affordable price, it is a risk worth taking with this remote control car for 3 and 4 year olds.

Little Tikes Tire Twister

Little Tikes Tire Twister

The Little Tikes Tire Twister is also pretty interesting because it doesn’t just come with a car and a remote but also a tire. So, you put the car inside the tire and control it from there. The tire can go forward, backward and spin 360 degrees with the car inside.

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You can also backflip the car inside the tire and hence, the tire will reverse direction that way. The vehicle can also be removed from the tire for free play. The car utilises 3 AA batteries while the remote needs 2.

The Good
  1. There are 2 ways to play – with the tire and without. This would prolong the fun as kids can switch between 2 modes of play.
  2. The car can keep going if it hits the wall. This means there is less crying to handle because kids can throw a tantrum when a RC car gets stuck.
  3. The vehicle is sturdy and is designed to withstand rough play by pre-schoolers.
  4. The remote is easy to handle for little kids.
The Bad
  1. You need 5 batteries to operate this toy. The batteries also drain quickly if your kid is going to play with it all the time.
  2. Some parents have mentioned that the car doesn’t really stay in the tire.
  3. It doesn’t work as well on carpeted floors.

The Little Tikes Tire Twister is really a remote control car for kids with a twist. It gives a feeling that the tire is also remote controlled with its design. While it is not perfect, kids should find it fun and interesting with the tire moving and spinning all around the house.

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