Best Thomas The Train Toys

Most boys would love train toys. That is why it is easy to get all excited over Thomas the Tank Engine. Its adorable character is also a huge plus in attracting kids to its shows as well as toys. Given that it is such a popular character among kids, you can bet that there are tons of Thomas and Friends merchandise available for sale. From train toys to party supplies to beds, there will be something to attract a kid.

Below are some of the best Thomas the Train toys that we have come aross with a brief review of their pros and cons.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Turbo Flip Thomas

Fisher Price Turbo Flip Thomas

We picked the Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Turbo Flip Thomas to be highlighted because we think this should be more interesting for a kid to play with compared to the standard die-cast or plastic train. It is cool because it can do a backflip and kids would love that.

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The train is controlled with a remote. Your kid can make Thomas do wheelies and backflips as well as the usual forward and backward movements. On top of that, there is also a pre-programmed sequence of movements that can be activated by pressing a button.

Electronic sounds and phrases accompany the stunts that Thomas can do. A light-up track projector takes away the need for a real track if your kid is looking for the same to put his train on. Basically, Turbo Flip Thomas has a feature that projects a track on the floor as he moves along.

The Good
  1. It has a pre-programmed sequence which means even a toddler who doesn’t know how to operate the remote control can play with this train toy and enjoy its stunts.
  2. The remote control is simple to use with large buttons.
  3. It is fun because there is more to it than just forward and backward movements.
The Bad
  1. The volume is a bit loud for some parents. It will annoy you if your kid plays with it all the time because there is no volume control available. The flip is also loud as it hits the floor which may irritate your neighbors if you are living in an apartment.
  2. It can’t move well and flip perfectly on carpets.

The Fisher Price Turbo Flip Thomas is a nice addition to your kid’s Thomas the Tank Engine toy collection with its unique features. The fun factor is there as kids will enjoy doing the flips although it is inevitable that the excitement will wear off after a while.

Thomas the Train: All Around Sodor

Fisher Price All Around Sodor

Compared to Turbo Flip Thomas above, the Thomas the Train: All Around Sodor actually has a track for a different kind of fun. It is not a thrilling toy that can do backflips but it is the old-fashioned imaginative playset that probably gets more played with over a longer period of time.

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The track is configured like a figure 8 with 3 destinations along the way. Thomas can pick up and unload cargo with Cranky the Crane at Brendam Docks, talk with his friends, i.e. Percy, James, Gordon and Sir Topham Hatt at Tidmouth Sheds and pass through Shake Shake Bridge. Your kid can choose the destination by pressing a location button on Thomas’ roof.

This motorized train works both on and off the track. 50 sounds and phrases make this train playset more interesting as Thomas moves along and interacts with friends. His eyes and mouth also move as he talks. A cargo car is included in the box.

The Good
  1. The whole Thomas the Train playset is easy to set up and does not require a big place to lay out the tracks.
  2. Thomas’ eyes and mouth move as he talks which makes him seem real to toddlers.
  3. The playset is durable. Some families have had it for more than a year without breaking down, even with rough play.
  4. Your kid can also use the train off the track.
The Bad
  1. The tracks are not designed to be reconfigured. So, it could be boring after a while.
  2. While the tracks stay together during play, they do come apart fairly easily as well. So, your kid can take this apart and then demand for re-assembly each time which is a hassle.

This Fisher Price Thomas and Friends train playset is great as a starter set for a toddler. For older children, it is better to buy them a bigger train set with tracks that can be reconfigured for more play options.

Step 2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster

Step 2 Thomas the Train Coaster

The Step 2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up & Down Coaster is not your typical train toy but it is lots of fun. Over 9 feet of track, your toddler will love the thrill of going down the slope which is similar to the excitement of being on a slide.

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There is a non-slip step on each side to allow access from both left and right side of the track. Recessed wheel wells hold the car safely in place as your kid gets on. Once he is ready, he can give it a push and the car will roll down the 4-piece track.

The Thomas coaster car has a high back, handrail and foot rests for a comfortable ride. It has a realistic Thomas the Tank Engine face and color with decals to make it really attractive for a kid.

The Good
  1. It is pure fun for a kid and they won’t get bored of it that easily.
  2. Assembly is simple enough with 4 pieces of track unlike some other big plastic toy like an indoor playhouse.
  3. Your kid can also push the coaster car around and use it like other ride on toys without the track.
  4. It is sturdy and durable like most Step 2 toys. Even a 10-year-old can get on without damaging it although it is meant for toddlers.
The Bad
  1. The track moves a little during play on uncarpeted floors. You will need to put a tread or some kind of anti-slip item underneath to prevent it from moving.
  2. You will need to have enough space to accommodate the track. However, because it is narrow, the structure won’t seem overwhelming either.
  3. You will need to keep pushing the car back to the top of the tracks if your kid is still too young to do so on his own.

This Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster is not as cheap as other Thomas and Friends toys but it gives toddlers excitement and thrill. In fact, many parents have left comments online about the fun their kids have had with this simple track. Alternatively, if you don’t like the roller coaster but still want a Thomas the Train ride on toy, you can take a look at the Power Wheels option which costs about $30 more at the time of writing.

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