Best Toy Car Garage Playsets

Cars are definitely one of the favorite toys for boys. Add in a parking garage and it will be a dream playset for many. But not all toy garages for kids are the same. They must have enough features to keep the kids interested as they move the toy cars around the set. For instance, a petrol pump or a car wash stand will make play more interesting as the kids imagine the scenario which they would have seen in real life.

Below are 3 of the best toy car garage playsets that are available for sale in the market. They are popular models and highly rated by buyers online.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset is a pretty cool toy for boys although girls should love the excitement too. This is because there are many areas to keep play going and as such, more scenes can be imagined to keep the kids hooked.

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Altogether, there are 36 parking spots for the garage set which are spread out over 4 levels. To reach the various levels, there are 2 elevators on each side to bring the cars to their parking spots. The elevators will move when a handle is pushed up and down accordingly. Right at the bottom would be a petrol pump and a tune-up shop. Both of these will sound when a button is pressed.

For more excitement, there is a racing ramp which is connected to the top level. Your kids can put 2 cars side by side and see which is the fastest down the ramp. A spiral ramp on the other side will pass through a shark at the bottom which will chomp on cars racing past.

A helipad with a helicopter which is designed for rescue is also included. The helicopter’s feet can fit a car to transport it out of danger when the alarm is sounded from the fire station. The sound of a flying helipcopter can also be heard when a button is pressed. Apart from the helicopter, 5 Hot Wheels vehicles are also included in the box.

The Good
  1. There are many areas which kids can explore with this toy garage playset. They can play resecue, racing, shark bait, tune-up or simply park all the cars that they have. In short, it should be more than sufficient the keep them entertained for some time.
  2. It is a great playset for play dates since it is large enough to accommodate 2 to 3 kids. The racing is certainly more exciting when there are 2 kids playing together.
  3. You can expand this Hot Wheels garage toy by buying other playsets to make it more fun and bigger. There are a few places where you can attach other track pieces to build on the garage.
  4. There are 36 parking lots available which means your kids can use it to store his toy car collection. They can also learn to sort their cars according to colors or makes.
  5. It is quite simple to put it together although there are quite a number of pieces. It is easy to snap on and connect everything together.
The Bad
  1. It takes up a lot of space on the floor because it is a huge playset and the racing ramp is jutting far out on one side.
  2. Only 5 cars are included when they are 36 parking spots. So, you will need to buy additional Hot Wheels cars to fill up the spaces if your kids don’t have any to start with.
  3. Cars could overturn going down some of the ramps, especially the spiral ones, which may be frustrating for the kids.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset should be enjoyable for both boys and girls with the various play areas. The helicopter is a nice surprise too given that this playset is supposed to be a garage. Hence, kids should be entertained with this one although you will need to allocate the space for it at home.

KidKraft Deluxe Garage Set

kidKraft Deluxe Garage Set

The KidKraft Deluxe Garage Set is a wooden toy garage playset. So, you won’t find electronic sounds to annoy you like so many of those plastic types. Altogether there are 3 levels, including the ground floor. There is a car wash on the top floor where your kids can push a car through 2 scrubbers. On the second floor is a service garage while the ground floor has a mini mart with a few parking slots and a ticket booth. A gas station is also included which your kids can place anywhere on the set.

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There is also an elevator which works by turning a crank at the side. The elevator will ferry cars from the ground floor all the way to the third floor. At the top of the elevator shaft is a helipad with a helicopter provided. Apart from using the elevator, your kids can also use the ramp to move the cars from the top to the ground floor.

There are 6 cars and trucks in the package with 4 people and a helicopter.

The Good
  1. Just like the KidKraft Everyday Heroes playset, the artwork is detailed which gives the toy garage a really nice look.
  2. It is a pretty sturdy toy with a few parents claiming in their online review that their kids have sat and stood on it with no sign of it breaking apart.
  3. Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars can go down the ramp and fit into the elevator. Only the odd-shaped and bigger ones will have problem doing so.
The Bad
  1. Some parents have commented online that the cars don’t go all the way down the ramp to the ground floor although others don’t have the same problem.
  2. There have been complaints that the ramp breaks off after a few months of play. However, you can get replacement parts if needed.
  3. Your kids will tend to knock over the gas station and other small parts. You might need to glue down these parts to avoid losing them.

The KidKraft Deluxe Garage Set may not seem as exciting as the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset but it is a change from plastic toys. There are a few other wooden toy garage on the market like the Melissa and Doug Parking Garage but this one seems to have more vivid artwork and comes with a helicopter.

Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set

Matchbox 4-Level Garage Playset

The Matchbox 4-Level Garage Play Set has spiral ramps to connect all the levels and an elevator on one side. A crank will move the elevator up and down.

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The garage includes a car wash which joins onto a ramp that connects it to the elevator. Below the car wash is the service station. There are gates to divert cars to smooth the traffic flow onto the ramps. On the ground level is a ticket booth and a gas station. A Matchbox tow truck is included in the box apart from the garage.

The Good
  1. Compared to the 2 sets above, this Matchbox car garage set is cheaper. For a toy, it is in a more affordable range, retailing for about $35 at the time of writing.
  2. The set is easy enough to assemble as the snap-on pieces fit nicely although the process is tedious with lots of small parts.
  3. The structure is sturdy and won’t break apart easily when you move it from one spot to another.
  4. The gates to change the path of the cars is an interesting feature for the kids.
The Bad
  1. There are a lot of stickers to apply and the instructions are not too clear at times. But the stickers is also what gives the toy garage a realistic look and the details.
  2. It is not a storage playset like the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage.
  3. It comes with only 1 vehicle.
  4. There is no base on the ground level.

Some parents do feel that this Matchbox toy garage is a bit smaller than expected. Well, adults may have problems fitting their hands in between the levels to play with their kids. But no matter the size, kids will find this a fun toy to have. Although simple, there are enough features to spark their imagination and interest. Moreover, it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space like the bigger units.

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