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Little girls like to play dress up. So, if you have a toddler girl at home, a toy vanity table is a great choice for her room. She can mimic what mommy does and uses her imagination to make herself beautiful. What you need is a play vanity that is safe and sturdy. It needs to be able to withstand some rough handling being a toy and yet, safe to play with. So, which is the best toy vanity table out there that is popular among parents?

Best Toy Vanity Table : Step2 Fantasy Vanity

step2 fantasy vanity table

The Step2 Fantasy Vanity is by far the most popular kids’ play vanity table on Amazon. The compliments are many and most parents are happy with their purchase. Among the features of the Step2 Fantasy Vanity are:

  • Shatter-proof plastic mirror
  • Molded-in compartments
  • Pull out drawer
  • Working light
  • 3-piece accessory
  • Matching stool

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Like their playhouses and play kitchens, this Step2 play vanity set is also of durable poly construction. This means it will last long after your princess has outgrown the toy. It will also be easy to keep clean as it can be wiped down using a wet cloth.

There are molded-in compartments to put make-up items and other accessories. On top of that, a pull out drawer allows for additional storage space. The mirror is made of plastic and shatter-proof for safety reasons. A working light that is powered by batteries will switch off automatically after 5 minutes to conserve energy.

3 pieces of accessories are included and they are a brush, comb and hand mirror. The stool is 11″ high and it matches the white and pink toy vanity table perfectly. The vanity table also has decals on it for a cute look which will make it more appealing to youngsters.

Why You Should Buy The Step2 Fantasy Vanity
  1. It is easy to assemble. You can set it up in 15 minutes by just using a screwdriver. The decals are also easy to apply.
  2. The whole vanity playset is sturdy. You won’t have the fear that it will sag after a while of play.
  3. The construction is of high quality. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all and it should be a durable toy that will last at least a few years.
  4. The reflection is pretty clear for a plastic mirror and has no distortion. You will need to remove the layer of protective film on the mirror to get a clearer reflection.
  5. The working light is a nice addition. Other toy vanity tables would not have this feature.

However, there is also room for improvement for the Step2 Fantasy Vanity. Common complaints are:

  1. The light is very dim. While it works, you can’t rely on it to brighten up the area.
  2. The accessories are limited. You would need to buy them separately to fill the molded-in compartments. You can also buy a toy hair dryer that blows air to go with this vanity table. Your kid can then spend her time pretending to put on make-up and style her hair at the table everyday.
  3. The drawer does not have a stop. It can pull all the way out and fall onto the floor.

The Step2 Fantasy Vanity is more expensive than other toy vanity tables in the market. But it is still a better quality toy with more features than its competitors. Hence, you get what you pay for. But if you want a cheaper option, you can always take a look at the American Plastic Toy Deluxe Vanity.

American Plastic Toy Deluxe Vanity

American Plastic Toy Deluxe Vanity

The American Plastic Toy Deluxe Vanity is cheaper than the Step2 Fantasy Vanity by about $15 at the time of writing. But it also has more accessories which makes it a better value buy if you are not too worried about the quality issue. The items that are included with the toy vanity table are:

  • Play hair dryer with working fan
  • Sturdy seat
  • 4 barettes
  • 2 hair combs
  • 2 headbands
  • Lipstick
  • Cell phone

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It is not hard to put together this play vanity table but there are many parts to handle. So, it might take you a bit more time to assemble. The pieces come in a plastic grid that you need to break off before you can put them together. As a result, there are sharp edges which you need to sand off which creates additional work on your part.

The little girls’ play vanity table with chair is relatively sturdy. But there are buyers who complained that the drawer is hard to open and close. A few parents even think that the Toy Deluxe Vanity is flimsy and cheap. This is also the same complaint about their Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen playset.

So, if you are not concern about durability, this cheaper toy vanity table may be a better value buy for you. The working toy hair dryer is also a bonus. If you foresee that your kid will grow tired of this toy pretty quickly, then it makes sense to go for the cheaper option. Otherwise, the Step2 Fantasy Vanity would be the best toy vanity table to buy.

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