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Is your kid training to be a handyman? Or is he trying hard to help fix things around the house like adults do? Well, if that is so, it would be a good idea getting him a kids’ tool bench so that he can spend time tinker around. Let him pretend to be the handyman and help you repair stuff. Perhaps he can create things too with the tools that  he has.

So, let’s take a look at 3 of the best toy workbench playsets that you can buy.

Step 2 Deluxe Workshop

Step 2 Deluxe Workshop

If  you are familiar with the Step 2 play kitchens, you would have a pretty good idea about the construction of this Step 2 workbench. Made of durable plastic, it has a work surface area and a hanging wall for the tools.

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On one side lies the storage area. There is a cabinet and hanging jars at the top with more storage spaces at the bottom including a bin area. Below the work surface is another drawer and storage for the blocks. There is also an overhead light to illuminate the work area and this requires batteries to operate. A pretend vacuum is included at the side of the storage area for your kids to “clean” up after work is done.

The blocks are made of Durafoam and are designed to look like wooden pieces. They interlock and can be used to form objects with instructions provided for a few projects. Altogether there are 17 blocks provided. Other accessories include 8 screws and nuts each, a saw, hammer, pliers, screw driver, adjustable wrench, drill and storage jars and bins. It has a total of 50 pieces of accessories. The drill is battery-operated and makes drilling sounds when activated.

The Good
  1. There is much storage space to keep all the tool when play is over. One side of the workbench is dedicated to storage with shelves behind the doors.
  2. The foam pieces allow your kid to build things and be creative. He can also put screws through the holes on the foam pieces with the drill.
  3. This children’s workbench is sturdy and the pieces are not easily breakable.
  4. The overhead light and vacuum are interesting add-ons to make the toy tool bench more realistic and interesting for play.
  5. The drill makes a drilling sound while the teeth for the saw move back and forth. These little details will give your kid the feeling that he is actually building something.
The Bad
  1. The toy vacuum does not make any sound. A kid will need to create his own noise when pretending to clean up the mess.
  2. For the price of this workbench playset, Step 2 could have included a few more foam pieces and more proejcts. Only 4 are provided out of the box.
  3. The holes on the work surface are a little big that kids can’t really hammer or screw in the nuts and bolts.

A minority of parents do think that the Step 2 Deluxe Workshop is a boring play workbench. This is because the sound it makes is limited to the drill and kids can’t really hammer in nails and take them out with the pliers since the holes on the work surface are a little too loose. But on the plus side, there are the foam pieces to actually build something and sufficent accessories are provided to encourage pretend play.

Black And Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

The Black And Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop has all the pretend tools that your kid would love to have to mimic what daddy does. It comes with over 50 accessories that include a drill press, spinning miter saw, screwdriver, hammer, wrench, vise, screws, nails and a flash light.

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The wall has pegs for your kid to hang up the tools. The work area has holes on it for the hammering and screwing with the nails and screws provided. On each side lies the spinning miter saw and working drill press. Both of these light up and make noises to sound like the real thing.

The fun part is building the tool box. The pieces for it are provided for your kid to try his hands at building something useful. At the bottom of the workbench is the storage tray with compartments for the different accessories.

The Good
  1. The snake flashlight, drill press and miter saw are the highlights of this Black and Decker kids’ tool bench. The sounds and lights will make play interesting for your kid as the tools will seem more realistic.
  2. It is great for kids that like taking things apart and putting them back together. The workbench itself is assembled using the tools and nuts and bolts provided. The tool box is essentially a take apart toy which can be re-build again and again.
  3. The bench is sturdy with plastic construction. It doesn’t seem flimsy and serves its purpose.
The Bad
  1. The vise doesn’t open. It just makes some noise when the handle is turned but has no gripping function.
  2. The holes on the work surface is a little big for the nails and hence, your kid won’t be able to actually hammer a nail in.
  3. The storage tray is a little shallow. So, you can’t store much things in there as they tend to fall out easily with it being fixed sloping downwards to give kids easy access to the accessories.
  4. The package includes a cell phone which is pretty much useless since it is only a piece of plastic.
  5. More pretend wood should be included to make other things.

This Black and Decker toy tool bench is a great concept although certain parts like the storage tray could be improved. It is less expensive than the Step 2 workbench featured above and has more sounds and lights which could attract kids better. However, those same noises could end up annoying you in the long run and they also requires batteries to operate.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench

Melissa & Doug Wooden Workbench

If you like to move away from plastic toys, the Melissa and Doug Wooden Project Workbench will be agreat choice for a tool bench for kids. It has a fairly large work area and it isn’t crowded out by storage cabinets or tools on either side of the workbench. Most of Melissa and Doug’s toys have pretty simple designs like their Cook’s Corner wooden kitchen, and this toy workbench is no different. The components are pre-drilled and pre-sanded for easy assembly.

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Measuring 20-inch high, this wooden tool bench is made of solid pine and is sturdy enough to be used as a table for actual art and craft projects. There is a tool rack on the table top while a storage tray at the bottom holds all other pieces. The work surface itself has holes on it for pounding in nails and tightening screws.

Aaprt from tools like a saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, nuts, bolts and nails, the package also comes with building strips and pieces for your kid to engage in building projects. This could be a bit overwhelming for the younger kids and hence, if you are looking for a workbench for toddlers, you are probably better off with the Deluxe Pounding Bench as a start.

The Good
  1. This is a kids’ wooden workbench which is a change from the usual plastic toys. There are no electronic noises to annoy you and your kid will have to rely solely on his imagination to make play interesting.
  2. There are more building projects for this workbench compared to the Step 2 and Black and Decker units above. 6 projects are included in the instruction booklet. If your kid really likes to build, you can also consider Magformers sets which are magnetic building pieces.
  3. You can build the items with your kid for some family fun.
  4. It is a very solid toy workbench and it won’t break even if your kids sit on it.

The Bad

  1. There are only limited building pieces included. This means your kid will need to dismantle what he has assembled to build a new item. Also, if he loses one piece like the wheel, he won’t be able to build a vehicle anymore since no extras are provided.
  2. Some complaints found online mentioned that assembly could be a problem because the pre-drilled holes do not align properly.
  3. The vise seems to be a bit flimsy and could break easily.

This Melissa and Doug tool bench may not seem as interesting without lights and sounds but buy it for the building projects which your kid can grow into. Girls will also love this with its more gender-neutral wooden color which is unlike a typical boys’ workbench playset.

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