Best Tricycle For Toddlers

When kids reach around 2 years of age or even less, a tricycle is one of those toys that you just have to get. The more expensive ones will tend to have grow-with-me features that allow you to push back the seat to accommodate a taller kid. A trike is a stepping stone to a bike later on and it is always fun to go on a ride. So, let’s take a look at some of the best tricycles for toddlers that are available in the market right now.

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike Ride On

Radio Flyer All Terrain Stroll 'N Trike

A Radio Flyer tricycle is a classic to many. As for the All- Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike, it is a practical ride on with the ability to convert this to accommodate a 9-month-old to a 5-year old. For a 9-month-old, there is a warp-around food tray and 3-point safety harness to keep your infant secure. There is also a canopy and headrest for additional comfort.

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To steer the ride on, you can use the push handle bar at the back. That is why this is also a push tricycle for toddlers because a parent can push and steer this along when their kid is still too young to know how to pedal on their own. As your kid grows older over the next few years, you can then remove the tray, headrest, harness, canopy and push handle in stages. The seat can also be pushed back to fit longer legs.

The Good And Bad About This Radio Flyer Trike

What we like about this trike is the rubber air tires to give it a smoother ride over rougher terrain. If you are just pushing your kid on asphalt roads, then the All Terrain option may not be necessary but if you have cobblestones paths to tackle, the rubber air tires would definitely offer a more comfortable ride. At the time of review, the rubber air tires model costs about $10 more. The push handle for the All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike is also comfortable and easy to steer just like a stroller handle.

The bad thing is it lacks a footrest for younger kids. The pedeals actually double up as footrests but when your kid is barely a year old, they won’t be able to reach the pedals and hence, their legs would be dangling. This is the main drawback of this toddler trike.

Schwinn Roadster

Schwinn Roadster

For some parents, the Schwinn Roadster seems like a better trike than the Radio Flyer ones. It has a steel frame which makes it much sturdier than cheaper plastic tricycles. The wheel rims are 12″ at the front and 10″ at the rear. It uses rubber air tires with rubber grip and foot guide on the pedals.

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The handlebar and saddle are adjustable to accommodate a growing child. There is a wooden standing deck at the back and comes with an alloy bell to signal that you should get out of the way!

In a way, the Schwinn Roadster is a better buy than the Radio Flyer Classic. This is because the Roadster has an extra low center of gravity that makes it extremely hard to tip over. For the Radio Flyer trikes, it is common for kids to tip over when they make sharp turns, especially when they lean over to the side. So, in terms of stability, the Schwinn is a better bet.

However, this is a tricycle for 2 year olds and older. Even then, your kid may not be able to reach the pedals. But because it is low to the ground, your kid can scoot around in it with ease first before they learn how to pedal. The rubber tires also means the tricycle can move well on grass and not just tarred surfaces.

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Tough Trike

Fisher Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Some parents do think this is the best tricycle for a toddler. Cheap and basic, it also looks cool. It has a wide, stable wheel base and rugged looking tires to make the trike look really appealing. It also has big foot pedals and easy grip handlebars to help toddlers along. The comfort ride seat has a storage compartment underneath it as well.

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There are a few other designs to appeal to both boys and girls. If you are looking for a pink tricycle for your toddler, there is the Barbie Tough Trike as an alternative to the Harley-Davidson one. You can also fnd a Barbie design for a Power Wheels ride on but that is much more expensive compared to a trike. Dora the Explorer is another girls’ tricycle that you can take a look at. The features are the same; it is just the theme that is different to suit different preferences.

The advantage of the Fisher Price Tough Trike is its much lower price point compared to the Radio Flyer and Schwinn tricycles. It is also durable and will be able to withstand the rough play that comes. The low height also means it can be used as a scooter when your toddler’s legs have yet to reach the pedals.

However, it is just a basic model and in terms of comfort, it would not be as smooth a ride as the more expensive toddler trikes. The plastic tires, while they can go on grass, are definitely more slippery than rubber ones.

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