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A dollhouse is every little girl’s dream. With technology, dollhouses can also be very modern nowadays with lights and doorbells that work. Popular ones that get plenty of compliments from parents are the KidKraft dollhouses. Below is one that we think is the best but let’s also look at other options that are available.

KidKraft Girl’s Soho Townhouse – A Large Dollhouse

KidKraft Girl's Soho Townhouse

Be prepared that the KidKraft Girl’s Soho Townhouse is a pretty large dollhouse. Made of composite wood products, it measures 48.03″ (L) x 11.61″ (W) x 45.37″ (H) and weighs over 60 lbs. So, it is a big and heavy structure once fully assembled.

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There are many KidKraft dollhouse models in the market like the Majestic Mansion, Sparkle Mansion and Annabelle. All of them have good ratings with mainly positive reviews overall. But we chose the Girl’s Soho Townhouse to be highlighted here because it has sounds and lights to make it stand apart from the usual dollhouses. The kids can light up the lamp, play music on the keyboard and flush the toilet. There is also an elevator that glides from the first floor all the way to the third floor.

Altogether there are 4 floors with 7 rooms. There are 2 outdoor patio areas and a garage with working doors. A stair case connects the third floor to the next level. Included are 25 pieces of detailed dollhouse furniture. The unique piece is a disco ball chandelier. Your kids should be able to combine this large wood dollhouse with their Barbie dolls for play. It can fit dolls of up to 12″ tall.

The Good And Bad About This KidKraft Wooden Dollhouse

The first good thing about the Girl’s Soho Townhouse is the size. Big means a few kids can play at the same time. With a multi-level construction and 7 rooms, there is ample space for 2 or 3 kids to play together. A large dollhouse like this is also a good alternative to a kitchen playset. Secondly, the electronics component makes play pretend more interesting. Your kids will be able turn on the lights and press the toilet button for flusing sounds.

Thirdly, it comes with varied furniture pieces to fill up the house and make it look modern and cosy. On top of that, there is still room for the kids to add more if they wish. Lastly, the whole dollhouse sturcture is sturdy and seems durable.

However, there are also a few drawbacks to this KidKraft Townhouse. Because it is tall ( it is nearly 4 feet high), younger kids may not be able to reach the higher floor. They may need to stand on a step stool to play. Also, because it is large, assembly is a chore. Most people need to spend 3 to 4 hours to set it up and some pieces may have problems fitting well together.

But overall, we think this is one of the best wooden dollhouses out there. While it is expensive (at the time of writing, it costs nearly $200 online), it is a toy that will last and your kids can probably play with it till they are 10 or so.

Other Dollhouse Options

Hape All Season Dollhouse

Hape All Season Dollhouse

If you don’t want something so huge like the KidKraft models, then the Hape All Season Dollhouse could be worth a look. After all, with such a large dollhouse, you do need the space for it. As for the Hape unit, it is only 23.6″ (L) x 11.8″ (D) x 28.9″ (H). Weighing about 14 lbs, it is much smaller than the Soho Townhouse.

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The design of the All Season Dollhouse is cute and colorful. It is called All Season because it has a reversible roof with a winter and summer theme. There are 6 rooms with 4 room sets included. They are the master bedroom, family bathroom, media room and kitchen. The stairs are movable and there is also a solar panel on the roof.

What is lacking with this Hape dollhouse is the incomplete furniture pieces. While there are 6 rooms, only 4 are furnished. You will have to add items like chairs and dishes to make the dollhouse complete.

On top of that, it is expensive for its size. Pay a little more, you could get the much bigger KidKraft dollhouses. However, some parents think this is a better quality toy. Made of materials that include baltic birch, maple and rubberwood, they prefer this than the composite wood of KidKraft toys. But still, the Hape dollhouse is not a heirloom piece. It is acceptable for its price, nice to look at and enjoyable to play. Just don’t expect it to be rock solid high quality wood although it should last at least a few years of play.

Plan Toys Terrace Dollhouse

Plan Toys Terrace Dollhouse

Plan Toys is another brand that manufactures wooden dollhouses. The Terrace Dollhouse has gender neutral colors, so even boys may find this enjoyable. They can lay out their train set or cars in front of the house to expand play.

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What is interesting about this Plan Toys dollhouse is the ability to move the terrace, stairs, walls, windows and doors to reconfigure the rooms. This makes play more interesting as the interior design can then be changed each time your kids sit down to play. The size is similar to the Hape All Season Dollhouse with an approximate dimension of 23″ (L) x 11″ (W) x 25″ (H). So, it is not a very big structure and assembly is not too complicated and requires only about an hour to complete. Made of rubberwood, it weighs about 15 lbs.

On the downside, the Terrace Dollhouse does not come with any miniature furniture pieces or dolls. You will have to buy them separately which adds to the cost. So, bear in mind that a fully furnished house will not come cheap. But for the greater design flexibility, it is iunique in its own way compared to other dollhouses.

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