FurReal Friends StarLily Unicorn Review

Unicorn has always been a mythical creature that will light up a girl’s dream. So, when you have a unicorn toy that can respond to touch and other commands, it is definitely going to hold a little girl’s attention. Or does it? The FurReal StarLily Unicorn review below will take a look at this toy in greater detail and check out its pros and cons.

FurReal Friends StarLily Unicorn Review

furreal friends starlily unicorn

This unicorn toy has the following features to grab the attention of young kids:

  • Responds to touch
  • Lighted up horn
  • Wings spread and flutter
  • Front hoof moves
  • App availability for more play options

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FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn is a very cute-looking interactive toy. It has a colourful mane with a horn that can light up in different colors. It responds to voice and touch and there are over 100 sound and motion combinations that you can get out of the toy. For instance, if you stroke her cheek, she will move her head. Her wings flutter and her front hoof moves as well to different stimulations. She also responds to music.

You can make the toy unicorn stand, sit and lie down. A sugar berry is also provided which you can use to feed her with. A crunching sound will be the response. An app is available for download and you can widen the play option by combining the electronic games with the toy unicorn. The app consists of different stops on a forest trail which you can enter and engage in different kinds of play with StarLily. For example, at the Sugarberry Orchard, you can pluck fruits from a tree and feed them to StarLily. At Crystal Caverns, you can play some tunes and watch the unicorn moves in response to the music.

The StarLily Unicorn requires 4 “C” alkaline batteries to operate. They are not provided in the box and hence, you will need to buy them separately.

Should You Buy The FurReal StarLily My Magical Unicorn For Your Kid?

  1. starlily unicornAdorable – StarLily is very detailed and you can see that the manufacturer has taken pains to make it look cute and appealing. The hair and fur is very soft. The mane has soft colors in different shades. The eyelashes are long and the eyes are large and glittery. There are even heart patterns at the bottom of the hooves. So, even without the interactive features, it is easy for little girls to feel attracted to this toy unicorn.
  2. Life-like movements – The movement of this FurReal Friends toy is not so jerky like many other toys in the same category. The movements are smoother and more life-like which makes it more realistic to a child.
  3. App download – The availability of an app to complement the unicorn is a change from traditional interactive dolls and other similar toys. It widens the interaction and types of play for a kid. This will hep to prolong interest in the toy.
  4. Interactive – Because the toy responds to stimuli, kids will be automatically drawn to it. The varied sound and movement responses also heighten kids’ interest and anticipation of what it will do next.
  1. Costly – To many parents, it is expensive for a toy. You need to spend nearly $90 for it at the time of writing (price subject to change) although it may be cheaper over time. You can get one toy vanity table which your kid can sit at and play pretend for much less than the price of the StarLily.
  2. Can’t walk – Many interactive toys can walk and follow you around through a sensor. But this feature is missing from this toy unicorn.
  3. Becomes inactive quickly – The unicorn goes into sleep mode very quickly which can be annoying because you will need to keep waking her up.
  4. 4 “C” batteries – If your kid plays with it often, you will need to spend a small fortune on the batteries.

In going through FurReal Friends StarLily Unicorn reviews by buyers on various retailers’ websites, we noted that not all parents are keen on this toy. Some feel that the toy is not worth the money paid. This is because it can’t hold their kids’ attention for long. The interactive features are limited and the more than 100 sound and motion combinations are deemed overrated. However, on the other side of the fence, other parents are happy with the StarLily. She is adorable and their girls love it.

To us, the FurReal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn is not a bad toy. It works well and it responds as advertised. So, if your kid loves an interactive toy and is more technologically savvy with a smart phone or tablet, then it is worth paying the money for. Otherwise, give it a miss and spend your money on something else.

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