Girls’ Engineering Toys

In it indeed hard to get girls to be interested in building and engineering. Maybe because there are very few girls’ engineering toys in the market to stimulate that interest from young. As we all know, most building toys are designed with boys in mind and if we can have something different for girls as well, that will be a nice change from the usual. As it is, girls are under-represented in the field of math and science. Thus, having more of such toys that are geared towards girls would increase their exposure to these fields from an early age.

Below are the top building toys for girls that regularly get good compliments from parents:

Goldie Blox And The Parade Float

Goldie Blox Parade Float

What is special about the the Goldie Blox and the Parade Float is that it is not only a building toy, but also a story book. There is a story behind the building that needs to be done and in this case, Goldie and Ruby decided to build a parade float for a friend who had lost her crown after a pageant.

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For this story, there are 34 building pieces altogether and they are compatible with other GoldieBlox toys. There are 9 design ideas and a DIY project with unlimited building possibilities to spur your kid’s creativity and building skills.

Apart from the Parade Float, there are also other stories in the series for you to choose from. The advantage of having a story book with an engineering toy is that it can inspire girls to build what the main character in the story is building. As girls like to read, pairing the two together is a way to motivate them to build the same structures that appear in the story book. This can help them to develop spatial and problem-solving skills. It is a smart idea to foster interest in engineering for girls at a young age.

The not so good thing about the GoldieBlox is that it is a delicate toy. It is unlike Lego bricks that can handle rougher play and still won’t fall apart.  This is because building blocks locks the pieces together but you won’t find it with the GoldieBlox toy. Furthermore, the story line could be a little shallow for the older kids.

Nevertheless, it is a good start for budding female engineers. Even if your kid has not shown any interest in engineering and construction, GoldieBlox toys is a way to get her exposed. Give her the opportunity to explore different types of toys rather than just kitchen playsets and dollhouses.

Roominate Chateau

Roominate Chateau Building Toy

Roominate Chateau is another interesting building toys for girls. This is geared more towards older kids but girls as young as 4 to 5 can still find enjoyment building this with the assistance of the parents. What you have here are modular building pieces which you can use to create all sorts of things such as bed, pool, chair, table and staircase. You can also connect floor and wall panels to design your chateau.

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On top of that, there are also motor and light circuits to connect.  This will make the windmills spin, light up lamps and move the carousels and elevators. Altogether there are 131 pieces including wheels, axles, motor, screwdriver, lights and craft paper.

One advantage of getting this is that it is compatible with other Roominate products. Much like a marble run set, there are unlimited possibilies when it comes to design and building for an open-ended play. The other thing that we like is the planning and design required during play. Given all the pieces, how a kid connects them together to build a structure with a nice design is a smart way to leverage creativity and engineeering skills.

The disadvantage of the Roominate Chateau is that the pieces may be hard to put together for ayounger child. The pieces don’t lock securely enough and hence, they can fall apart too. But the idea is that they can be easily disconnected and rebuilt for different configurations.

Learning Resources Gears! Build And Bloom Flower Garden

Learning Resources Gears Garden

The Learning Resources Gears Build and Bloom Flower Garden is a step up from the simpler toddler gear toys. With 116 pieces, the construction is more elaborate and the design possibilities is endless as the parts are interchangeable. Apart from the gears, there also detail pieces to make the garden look more realistic such as bees, butterflies and ladybugs.

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Girls will hardly find gears to be interesting toys but the flower and garden concept with this Learning Resources Gears playset will certainly help to stimulate that interest. They will be able to experiment with the different designs and learn how gears work in the process.

The pieces are of thick plastic which make them durable and come in bright colors which is a plus for toys targeted towards young girls. They are also cute to look at.

The drawback is the gears are not motorized. You need to crank it to get the gears to move and this may be a little clumsy for smaller hands. But it is still a great engineering toy for girls to start learning about gears.

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