Indoor Playhouse For Kids

You have got quite a few choices when it comes to an indoor playhouse for kids. Depending on how much you are willing to spend and the space that you have got at home, you can buy a playhouse tent, a cardboard playhouse or a plastic playhouse. Of course, the plastic option is the most expensive of the lot but it is a permanent structure and more durable compared to a tent or a cardboard playhouse which can collapse.

Below are a few indoor playhouses for kids for you to take a look at.

Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse

Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse

This Truedays Kids tent is a pop-up playhouse that can be easily folded down for storage. Like a small bounce house, it is perfect for indoor play during the wet and cold months.

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Made with polyester, it has a measurement of 47.2″ (L) x 47.2″ (W) x 55.1″ (H) when set up. The floor is waterrproof for outdoor play while the front door uses Velcro to get it to close. The window flaps and the door can be tied up to allow air flow.

The Good
  1. The playhouse tent has a large interior and you can easily fit 3 to 5 kids inside. Older kids aged 5 to 6 can also stand up in the center of the playhouse without having to stoop.
  2. This pop-up playhouse tent can be connected to a tunnel and a ball pit for extra fun. You can check out this whole package here.
  3. There is a lip of about 4″ around the openings so that you can keep the balls inside if you do decide to turn it into a ball pit.
  4. The structure is somewhat sturdy for a fabric playhouse.
  5. It is easy to set up and collapsible for easy storage. Hence, it doesn’t have to take up a permanent place in your house.
The Bad
  1. It takes practice to fold it back down to fit inside the carrying case.
  2. If you are filling it with balls, you will need to buy at least 200 balls because of its large interior. This will cost you additional money.
  3. The metal strips can get bent if your kids like to play rough.

Expect the Truedays Big Tent Playhouse to be less than perfect because a pop-up playhouse can never match a plastic one when it comes it sturdiness. If your kid leans on it, it can collapse. But the fact that it is collapsible is also the very reason why many parents buy a fabric tent playhouse – it can be stored away when play is over.

My Very Own House Coloring Playhouse – Cottage

My Very Own House Coloring Playhouse

This is another foldable kids’ indoor playhouse. Made of safe and recyclable cardboard, the My Very Own House Coloring Playhouse boasts of environmentally-friendly materials.

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When assembled, this cottage cardboard playhouse measures 56″ (L) x 36″ (W) x 49″ (H). It has 4 windows, 2 mails slots and 2 doors. Since it is made of cardboard, it means your kid can decorate it. 8 jumbo washable markers are included for your kid to color and beautify her cottage.

The Good
  1. Apart from pretend play which playhouses is for, a carboard playhouse also allows your kid to be creative as she can decorate it and turn it into a work of art.
  2. The playhouse is easy to fold down. All it takes is 6 folds and the structure can be put away for storage.
  3. It is made of heavy-gauge cardboard which means it is pretty sturdy when set up for play.
  4. There are no sharp corners and tabs that pose a risk to kids inside the playhouse.
  5. It is big for a 2-year-old and there is room for 2 to 3 more kids inside.
The Bad
  1. The doors could tear after a few uses.
  2. The roof may cave in when kids press on it to do their coloring.
  3. It may not last long if your kid likes to play rough.

The really nice thing about a cardboard playhouse that you could set up indoors for the kids is the coloring feature. At least, there is another form of play to keep them entertained. And with the size of the playhouse, there are lots of spaces to color and fill in. But just don’t expect it to last. If your kid is gentle with it, maybe it can last a year or so. If not, expect it to have tears within the first few months of play.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

Little Tikes Cape Cottage

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is a plastic playhouse which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. It is lightweight which makes it easy to move it around.

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Available in red and tan colors, it looks like a real house with 2 working doors and 2 windows with working shutters. There is a flag holder which you can help your kid to decorate and a mail slot to make it seem like a real home.

Measuring about 42.8″ (D) x 35″ (W) x 49″ (H), it works best as a toddler playhouse.

The Good
  1. It is cheap for a plastic playhouse. Many Little Tikes and Step 2 playhouses retail for more than $200 but at the time of writing, you can get the Cape Cottage for about half the price.
  2. It is not too heavy that an adult can lift it up and move it around. This means you can easily move it from one spot to another.
  3. Unlike a tent or a cardboard playhouse, it is sturdy and would not collapse when play gets a little rough.
  4. The playhouse is adorable with its simplicity.
  5. The size is just nice for indoor play.
The Bad
  1. The quality is not as good as the more expensive outdoor playhouses. The plastic seems thinner than the usual Little Tikes playhouses.
  2. Some buyers feel that this kids’ playhouse is a little small that it can’t fit much in the interior. You can get a tiny play kitchen to place it inside but that will leave it with not much room to move around.
  3. The doors seem flimsy and on some units, they don’t stay closed.

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is more suitable as a kids’ indoor playhouse because being lightweight and thin, it probably wouldn’t last if placed outdoors all year round. Moreover, the size is on the small side which makes it a better fit for indoor play. It is not the best kids’ playhouses out there but for the cheaper price compared to other units, it is still affordable as an indoor playhouse for a toddler.

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