Interactive Dolls For Toddlers

Every girl would have at least one doll in their toy collection. A dollhouse may not be necessary but a doll is like a companion. If you get the right one, it could well be a “friend” for years to come to a girl. While older girls might look for visual appeal and texture in a doll, the younger ones might be happier with some interactive features. To hear a doll laugh, cry and talk makes pretend play fun for them as they mimic what adults do in the real world.

Below are a few interactive dolls for toddlers that get good ratings from buyers online.

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll

Snow Glow Elsa SInging Doll

From Disney’s Frozen movie, Elsa is a favorite for many little girls. The Elsa Singing Doll will sing over 30 seconds of the award-winning song “Let It Go” when her arm is raised. Her necklace and dress will also light up as she sings.

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She is also a talking doll for toddlers. Tap the button on her necklace and your kid will get to hear 15 sounds and phrases that are found in the movie. With the inclusion of Olaf, her snowman friend, kids can pretend that the two characters are talking and playing together when the sounds and phrases are activated.

This Elsa toddler doll measures about 14″ tall while her friend, Olaf, is about 5.5″ tall.

The Good
  1. The Elsa Singing Doll is pretty with eyes that shimmer. Little girls will also like singing along with the song during play.
  2. The package comes with Olaf which complements the doll and adds more fun to play.
  3. You can change the language from English to Spanish and vice-versa.
  4. The dress lights up which makes it very pretty for a little one.
  5. The recorded voices of the doll are pretty close to what you will find in the movie.
The Bad
  1. There is no volume control. Some parents find it to be really loud.
  2. The shoes come off easily from the doll.

All in all, the Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll is adorable and the song is the selling point because it is easy to sing along for little kids. They will enjoy it when the song is played. The movie tie-in also means they could indulge in pretend play as they imagine the scenes from the movie.

Little Mommy Talk With Me Repeating Doll

Talk With Me Repeating Doll

This Little Mommy doll is a repeat-after-me kind of doll. In other words, she has a recording function that allows your kid to record her words and then have the doll play it back. By squeezing the tummy, the recording function activates. By releasing it, the phrases that have been recorded are then played back.

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Of course, the Talk With Me Repeating Doll also has a few phrases of her own that are pre-recorded. It comes with a bunny puppet and sippy cup which fit in her hand.

The Good
  1. This is probably one of the best toy baby dolls with its interactive features because it encourages a toddler to talk. So, if your kid is still learning how to talk, this is a fun way to get her to practice.
  2. The doll looks adorable with a sweet face and toddler-like clothing design.
  3. The quality of the recording is good enough for a toy and it has a cute voice.
  4. The legs can bend to enable the doll to sit.
The Bad
  1. The doll has no other features except for the talking and recording.
  2. There is no storage for the recorded phrases. The talking doll will repeat what you have recorded one time only when you release its tummy.
  3. Your kid may need to press the doll’s tummy a few times to hear the pre-recorded phrases which is confusing.

This baby doll for girls is unique because of her recording function which is fun for most toddlers. Listening to the playback will definitely make the little ones laugh although there are no other notable features to play with.

Baby Wanna Walk

Baby Wanna Walk

The Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk doll is a great concept because it mimics a baby who is learning how to walk and hence, needs assistance. Press her tummy and she will ask for your help to hold her as she walks. So, as you hold her hands and help her along, she will then tell you when to let go. You can also touch her hands quickly and see if she can walk on her own.

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When she falls, an appropriate sound is heard as well. She can utter over 40 phrases and sounds. When you put her in a sitting position, press her tummy and you will hear giggles.

The Good
  1. The phrases are realistic like “Help me walk, mommy!” and “Oops, I’m ok!” when she falls. This makes the whole learning to walk scenario seems like the real thing apart from making it an interesting interactive doll for toddlers.
  2. This doll is adorable with her little steps and toddler-like voice.
  3. She is steady and can keep her balance well enough on carpeted floors.
The Bad
  1. The tumble as the doll walks is the fun part for some kids but she is too steady on her feet that no “assistance” is really required.
  2. Some parents complained that the doll stopped walking after a few steps and you will need to press it again for it to walk which is tedious.

The Baby Wanna Walk may not be one of the best baby dolls for toddlers but it is interesting with its learning how to walk theme which all kids can relate to. If this doesn’t seem to be the right one for your kid, there are also other themes under the Baby Alive doll series by Hasbro which you can take a look at.

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