KidKraft Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set 63239 Review

The KidKraft Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set 63239 is a police and fire station playset that will appeal to boys. It is a rather large structure and hence, it is not cheap for a wooden toy. Therefore, let’s take a look in this review to see if it is worth it to spend so much to get this Kidkraft wooden playset for your kids.

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Playset Review

KidKraft Everyday Heroes Playset

This is what you will find when you open up the KidKraft Everyday Heroes Playset:

  • 28 pieces of furniture
  • 2 bendable figurines
  • 2 bendable dogs
  • 3 vehicles – helicopter, police motorcycle, fire truck
  • 3 storeys
  • 12 rooms

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There are 4 columns to this playset and the 2 sides can be folded in for storage. When opened up, it measures about 38″ (W) x 11″ (D) x 28″ (H). Therefore, it can accommodate 2 kids to play at the same time.

Wooden furniture pieces are provided to allow for kids to decorate and fill up the police and fire station playset. This include a bunk bed, dining table with chairs, desk, treadmill, toilet and dog bed. There are 12 rooms altogether which are spread out over 4 floors. The garage doors can be opened and closed to allow the vehicles to enter and exit.

A fireman’s pole allow for the figurine to slide down from the top floor to the bottom when emergency calls. Wide windows also invite kids to look in and check out their stations from a different perspective. The basketball court and the helipad on the rooftop is a nice touch to add to the overall details.

Should You Buy This KidKraft Heroes Playset?

The Good
  1. The whole playset is very detailed. Hence, it does look nice and realistic with a bathroom, kitchen, gym room, locker room, office and garage.
  2. Apart from just a wooden fire station toy, there is also a police station to make role play more interesting. Kids can switch their roles between a firefighter and policeman to keep their imaginary city safe. Ot they can bring in their dinosaurs and other super heroes for more exciting battles.
  3. Your kids can also treat this as a dollhouse and use their imagination and creativity to fill up the various rooms. It has a different feel than a girl’s dollhouse but the concept is the same which makes it ideal for boys.
  4. The quality is acceptable. Many parents who have bought it have left reviews online to say that it is well-made.
  5. The playset folds up to keep things neat and tidy after play.
The Bad
  1. Assembly could take a bit of time. Some parents needed about 3 hours to put it together although the instructions are pretty easy to follow.
  2. Although the figurines are bendable, it is hard to make them sit and fit onto the chairs.
  3. There are a few complaints that the pieces may not hold up well because they do break easily such as the helicopter blades.
  4. This wooden police and fire station playset is a bit pricey. At the time of writing, you could buy a bounce house for the kids for the price of this playset. However, the price does fluctuate now and then, so get it early if this is meant for the holiday season.
  5. There are only 2 people figurines included for such a big set.

The KidKraft Everyday Heroes Wooden Play Set 63239 is a boy’s dollhouse. There are not many of these around because dollhouses are mainly marketed as a girl’s toy. If you are interested, the other KidKraft wooden playset that would get a boy’s attention would be the Pirate Cove Playset which is also pretty costly for a toy. But if you want a nice dollhouse for boys that will get them excited like this police and fire station set, that is what you will have to pay given the limited choices available.

At the price it is selling at, the quality can be improved like sturdier parts which can hold up better under kids’ handling. However, having said that, most kids will still find this wooden playset highly enjoyable. You will be buying it for the entertainment value and the imaginative play it offers.

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