KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Review

kidkraft vintage kitchen white
The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen sure looks good in its white color. It is also available in several other colors like pink, blue, navy and red. So, they have really taken the gender issue into account with the various color options. Smaller than the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, but cheaper, it is a good choice for those who don’t want on overly huge playset but still large enough for 2 kids to play together.
The features of the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen include:

  • Oven knobs that click when turned
  • Working doors for the appliances
  • Cordless phone
  • Removable sink with faucet
  • 2 burners
  • Storage cabinet
  • Dimensions are 33 inches long by 11.7 inches deep by 35.7 inches tall

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KidKraft Vintage Kitchen Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Not overly huge – The size is just in between the compact models and the larger ones that have dishwasher and chopping board space. Too small and it can’t accommodate more than 1 child. Too large and it can look overwhelming in your living room. So, the Vintage Kitchen is just of the right size for many.
  2. Durable – It is a solid playset and sturdy. Unlike some other plastic kitchens, it would not topple when the doors are pulled opened since it weighs quite heavy at 40 pounds. The surface also do not chipped easily which makes this kitchen ideal for toddlers and young children.
  3. Color optionsĀ  – From pink to blue to gender-neutral colors, there is a shade to fit all preferences.


  1. Could be taller – The Vintage Kitchen is not as high as the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen. So, if you are buying for an older or a taller child, the latter would be a better bet. The height from the floor to the counter top for the Vintage Kitchen is about 18 inches while the Uptown model is about 22 inches.
  2. No electronic features – This could be both a good and a bad thing. Some sounds could make play more interesting but they could also be annoying for parents.
  3. No accessories – Play food and utensils will need to be bought separately.

Assembly could also be a pain as it would take you 1.5 to 3 hours with the numerous pieces. However, you will get pictorial instructions which should be pretty clear and easy to follow.

The Vintage Kitchen is suitable for toddlers right up to around 4 to 5 years of age. By then, they will most probably tower over the kitchen. Unless you have a preference for wooden playsets, for about the same price range, the Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen could be a better buy. The counter top is slightly higher at about 20 inches from the floor and there is much more electronic sounds to keep them interested. Although not much, play accessories are also included.

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Of course, if you don’t care for the electronic features, then it boils down to the look and feel of the playset. Wooden playsets tend to look less tacky in the living room and if you choose the right color, it would just seems as another piece of furniture in the house rather than one huge toy. For a wooden kitchen playset, we would still prefer the Uptown model than this one because there is a small chopping board space for the latter and it is also much more detailed with a towel rack and hooks for utensils.

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