Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set Review

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is a very popular backyard playset for the kids. On top of a swing and monkey bars, there is also a slide included which means the you get the 3 popular playground equipment in a single set. With this, your kids can enjoy the feel of a playground right in your backyard.

But this set is pretty expensive and if you are going to invest so much money, you will want to make sure that you are getting a good quality swing set thta will last through all your kids. So, does the Lifetime Adventure playset pass the test? Let’s check it out further in the review below.

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set Review

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set

The playset, which is available in primary and earthtone colors, has the following types of play:

  • 3 belt swings
  • 1 trapeze bar with gym rings
  • 9-foot wavy slide
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Monkey bars

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So, you can see that this is more than just a metal swing set with monkey bars. There are other types of playground equipment included in the set as well to offer more variety of play for the kids.

It is constructed of all-weather high strength low alloy steel. It is supposed to be able to withstand exposure to the elements and will not crack, chip, fade, warp or peel. The UV resistant coating means it retains less heat when the weather gets hot and the color will not fade easily too. You don’t need to secure this to the ground and it is easy to maintain throughout.  13.8′ (W) x 18.6′ (D) is the approximate dimensions of this playset once fully assembled. The height is about 7.75′. It can handle a maximum of 640lbs with 6 kids playing at the same time.

For safety, there are no hard edges as these are rounded or covered with plastic caps. The chain swings have soft rubber grips too for a more comfortable hold with no risk of having pinched fingers.

Should You Buy This Lifetime Swing Set?

  1. Solid and durable – Almost all buyers are happy with this Lifetime swing set. This is because the quality is good and it feels sturdy and safe. Just like their teeter totter, the set is also durable and some buyers have commented online that they have had it for a few years with no signs of deterioration.
  2. Assembly is easy – It will take only a few hours to assemble this set and the instructions are pretty easy to follow.
  3. High rating – The metal swing set has consistently been rated highly by buyers which should give you some comfort given that this is a huge investment.
  4. Variety of play – Rather than buying only a slide or a swing, this outdoor metal playset can offer your kids more play options to keep them going back for more. Furthermore, a few kids can play at the same time and it can cater to a wider age group with the different equipment. Your kid can certainly grow into it if he is still at the lower end of the recommended age group.
  5. Less maintenance – Unlike wooden playsets like the Backyard Discovery Skyfort II which is made of cedar, metal swing sets do not need water-proofing and re-staining. You also would not have the problem of the material chipping, splitting and rotting which you would encounter with wooden sets.
  1. Not for younger kids – The structure is big and high and hence, younger kids will have difficulty playing with this set. For instance, a 3-year-old won’t be able to play with the monkey bars without your help due to the height. It is also missing a clubhouse that could appeal to the younger ones. If you like a clubhouse structure, you can take a look at the Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Playset.
  2. No anchors provided – The swing set does not need an anchor but it will still move a little if you have 12-year-olds going really high on the swings, especially when all 3 swings are in use.
  3. Swings are close together – The swings could be spaced a little further apart to prevent collision.
  4. No glider – Perhaps the manufacturer could have added a glider or a skateboard swing instead of having 3 traditional swings in one set.

The Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set is a big structure. Hence, you do need to have the space for it and once set up, it may take up a sizeable portion of your yard. That is something that you would need to think about before getting it.

Overall, the types of play available and the fact that it can cater to older kids means it is a playset that will won’t be quickly outgrown. So, although is is expensive, you are getting your money’s worth as your kids will get years of enjoyment out of it unlike smaller playsets which cater to toddlers.

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