Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen Review

little tikes cook n grow play kitchen

Fancy a kitchen playset that can grow with your child? Then, look no further than the Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen. In this review, we will try to explore if this toy does indeed live up to its hype.


The main features of this toy kitchen are:convertible kitchen playset for toddlers

  • Can be reconfigured to accommodate different heights
  • A fridge with working doors
  • Microwave oven in the middle section with working doors
  • Oven with working door and knobs
  • A sink with faucet
  • Burner with space for coffee pot
  • Shelf and hooks for cups
  • Shape sorting lid for the pot
  • A phone
  • Sound effects for the stove
  • Play accessories including silverware and play food
  • The dimensions are 14.75 inches deep, 46.75 inches wide and 32.5 inches tall convertible into 13.75 inches deep, 26.5 inches wide and 41.74 inches tall

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Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Can accommodate a growing child – Not many play kitchens have this feature that allows the playset to be reconfigured to accommodate children of different heights. It is suitable for a toddler as you can place the sink and burner portion in between the fridge and oven which significantly lowers the play area. Then, when your child is older, you can raise it by putting the fridge and oven side by side and placing the sink on top. It is a clever solution to prolong the use of the toy rather than having it quickly outgrown.
  2. Cute – Many reviewers have labelled the Cook N Grow Kitchen as cute. With its red and white color combination, it does look appealing, especially with its lower height when configured for the toddler stage.
  3. Compact – Being able to reduce the width and make it into a taller structure means you have the option to move it to a smaller area of a room when needed.


  1. Oven and fridge door glitch – Many buyers have complained that the oven and fridge doors are difficult to open and close. They are too tight for a child and the handles’ design do not allow for a good grip.
  2. Accessories not complete – Some parents found that the accessories that came with the kitchen are incomplete. They only got over 20 items instead of the 50 advertised. It does not affect the playset itself but it means you might need to get more food items for your kid to get started.
  3. Top section leans forward – A few people have noted that the top white section leans forward a little that the storage area is rendered useless. The cups will easily drop off the hooks and items could easily slide out from the shelf and microwave because the section is sloped.

The Cook N Grow Kitchen is suitable for younger kids and the best time to get this is perhaps, when your child is just a year old. Many parents have commented that the lower setting for the sink is already too low for an 18-month old. So, if your kid is tall for his age or he is already 1.5 years old, you might need to skip the Stage 1 set-up and go straight to Stage 2. If this is the case, then the convertibility feature will be useless for your situation and you will have many other options to choose from. The height of the playset for Stage 2 is about 41 inches which is comparable to the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen.

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So, buy it if you have a year old kid and need the convertibility feature. For older ones, look for something else because the risk of the oven and fridge door problem is not worth the hassle when you have a frustrated toddler on your hands. For a price range of less than $100, the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen II may be an alternative to this one.

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