Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Review

little tikes cupcake kitchen

A play kitchen does not have to be big and expensive to offer enjoyment. Even a small kitchen playset can be enough if you can find one that is sturdy and of good quality. The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is one such alternative.

The following are the main features of the Cupcake Kitchen:

  • Stove burner with clicking knob
  • Sink with swivel faucet
  • Shelf at the top section for storage
  • Working area above oven
  • Oven with working door
  • Drawer with storage space
  • Accessories include cupcakes, a tray, silverware, pot, shakers and spatula
  • The dimensions are 33.5 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 11 inches deep

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Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Cheap – For a play kitchen from a trusted brand name, you probably can’t get anything cheaper. The American Plastic Toy My Very Own Kitchen and the likes may be selling at about the same price range but it is certainly not as good in terms of quality as the Cupcake Kitchen.
  2. Small and compact – While small in terms of size, it still has an oven, burner and sink to make it interesting enough for a kid. If you have space constraints, you will definitely be better off with a compact kitchen like this one than a larger playset that seems intrusive.
  3. No batteries required – No electronic noises to get on your nerves with this kitchen. Hence, no batteries are required, which is always a good thing because those costs can add up as time goes by.
  4. Accessories included – The kitchen comes with an accessory pack. Included in the pack are 4 cupcakes and together with a tray, it is enough to start “baking” right away.


  1. Drawer comes off easily – There are no stops for the drawer, so it tends to fall out when your kid pulls it open. It can be a hassle when everything falls onto the floor and frustrates your kid but you can also remove it completely to solve the problem.
  2. Lightweight – The Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen weighs about 10 pounds. As comparison, the Super Chef Kitchen, also by Little Tikes, has double the weight. Light means it is easier for it to tip over although some parents prefer a lighter kitchen for mobility purposes. Because it is a lightweight kitchen, you will need to place it against a wall for better safety.
  3. Girls’ kitchen – Although not pink in color, some may still find the overall style and color of the play kitchen are geared more towards girls than boys. More gender-neutral design of kitchen playsets would have granite counters with steel ovens to make it appealing for both boys and girls.

Because this kitchen playset is small, the best time to buy it is probably when your kid is still a toddler. A 3-year-old may still have lots of fun with it, but for those who are older, it would be better to buy a bigger play kitchen with a few more features like the Step 2 Lifestyle PartyTime Kitchen. Yes, it will cost much more but the size and additional features would also be more fitting for older kids.

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But for the younger kids, the Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is definitely a good buy. The price is reasonable and although small in size, it is is sturdy and durable. The design is cute and it is indeed an adorable play kitchen.

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