Little Tikes Get Out n’ Grill Kitchen Set Review

little tikes get out n' grill barbecue playsetThis kitchen playset is indeed a little different from the rest. It is a grill instead of the usual kitchen with an oven, refrigerator and microwave. Compact with an outdoor style, it is great pretend playset for both boys and girls.

The features of the kitchen include:

  • Split level grill
  • Grill knobs with clicking sound
  • Sink with faucet
  • Burner
  • Cabinet for storage at the bottom
  • Stone detailing
  • 8 accessories
  • The dimensions are 24 inches (length) by 11 inches (width) by 28 inches (height)

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Little Tikes Get Out n’ Grill Kitchen Set Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Unique – This design is very different from the traditional playset which often portrays an indoor kitchen complete with an oven and a fridge. If you are unsure if your child likes to play cooking with a kitchen, this is a great alternative. It has a more outdoor feel in terms of design and it is a grill instead of a kitchen which definitely would help if you want to attract boys to the idea of playing cook.
  2. Easy to move around – With its small size, it is easy to move this set around. At 9 pounds, you can move this to your yard when it is barbecue time outdoors and then move it back in when play is over.
  3. Accessory pack – The accessories are not that many but well thought out. The pack includes a pair of tongs, spatula, hamburger, hot dog, buns and ketchup bottle which is enough for the grilling to start immediately after assembly.
  4. Price – You don’t need to a big and expensive play kitchen if you think it is not worth the money. It is not the size but the design that counts and for the Get Out n’ Grill play set, it has the fun aspect built in at a very affordable price.


  1. Light – This is both good and bad. As mentioned, it is easy to move it around and for a grill kitchen, this is a good thing because your kid will want it outdoors when daddy is grilling in the yard. But the bad thing is it can slide and tip over easily as well. Setting it against a wall might help or try putting some books and heavy items at the bottom level to give it some weight.
  2. Play food is slippery – Some parents have complained that the plastic play food is slippery and their kids have trouble picking them up with the tongs and spatula. Having a few more play food items and utensils would also be good since only 8 are included in the pack.
  3. Lack of space – Because it is small, there is not much space for the play items. The split level grill means food on the upper level could fall off if it is too crammed up with items. There is also no room at the sides for more food because they are taken up by the sink and burner.

The concept for the Little Tikes Get Out n’ Grill Kitchen is very similar to the Cupcake Kitchen – small and compact with a theme to attract youngsters and affordable to make parents more willing to part with their money. After all, it certainly seems less of a risk to spend less than $40 on a toy compared to shelling out $150 or more for a traditional play kitchen, especially when you have no idea whether it would be played with after the initial interest has died down.

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So, I would say that the Get Out n’ Grill barbecue set is worth a buy. Not too expensive and the fun element is there, even without the frills like sizzling and other electronic sounds. In fact, grilling can be more enjoyable than cooking and it just opens up another idea for imaginary play.

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