Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen Review

little tikes gourmet prep n' serve kitchen playsetAt a first glance. the Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen has a bigger width than the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen II. In fact, it is only slightly more expensive than the Lifestyle kitchen with the following features:

  • Granite-look countertop
  • Food preparation area
  • Serving area
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Sink with faucet
  • Burner with electronic sounds
  • Cabinet storage space
  • Stool
  • Accessories pack
  • The dimensions are 45 inches wide by 41 inches tall by 10 inches deep

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Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen Review


  1. Price – For a play kitchen that measures 45 inches wide, it is a pretty big playset. But the price does not reflect as such. At the time of review, this is selling for a little over $100 and with free shipping as well on Amazon. Comparatively, the Step 2 Lifestyle PartyTime Kitchen which is only about 39 inches wide is selling for over $30 more. Kidkraft wooden kitchens that are over 40 inches wide are also selling for much more than this Little Tikes playset. So, looking at it purely in terms of size, it is a value for money buy.
  2. Not complicated to assemble – Assembly is fairly easy with a power drill. Most buyers have no problem putting it together.
  3. Serving area – Not many pretend play kitchen has a serving area. The Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen comes with an island peninsula at the side for your kid to sit down and “enjoy” a meal to make play more interesting.
  4. Stool and accessories – The accessories include silverware, pot, pan, cutting board, cup, plate, phone and a few food items. One other item that is included is a stool which you won’t find in most other kitchen sets. Apart from using it for play with this kitchen, it also can become an additional seat in the house for your kid.


  1. Not well-made – There are quite a few parents who complained that the doors for the refrigerator, oven and cabinets are not well made. They are hard to open and close or do not shut well. The plates and pan too may not stay in the holder and the hook respectively.
  2. Limited sounds – Most plastic play kitchens like this one would have more electronic sounds to interest young children. But Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen only has sounds coming from the burner with the pot and pan. There are no sounds from the microwave, phone and oven, unlike the Step 2 Lifestyle Dream Kitchen.

Obviously, the Little Tikes Gourment Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen is not a very popular kitchen playset among parents with its complaints of misaligned doors. However, there are buyers who don’t find this issue to be a deal breaker and the very reasonable price for a play kitchen of this size makes up for the problem with the doors. So, it is indeed a risk to take if you are considering this for your kid. The imperfect doors can be an annoyance or it may not bother your child at all as he goes about playing cook.

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Also, bear in mind that the storage space isn’t that big for this kitchen although it is wider than most. The serving area has taken up part of the width and the depth is only 10 inches while a lot of other similar plastic playsets would have a depth of about 14 inches or more. The fridge, cabinets and oven share the bottom level which make each of the compartment pretty small inside.

So, this kitchen may be cheaper than other similar sets, but it may not work out to be a good buy. If you like to be on the safe side, the Step 2 kitchens may be a better bet.

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