Little Tikes Sizzle ‘N Pop Kitchen Review

little tikes sizzle n pop kitchen for toddlersThe Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Pop Kitchen is an interesting pretend playset for kids precisely because the food sizzles and pops just like in a real kitchen. While not too costly in terms of price, it is also lacking in some features compared to more expensive toys out there. Let’s take a look at this set in further detail.

Firstly, the features of the kitchen playset include the following:

  • Popping and sizzling sound effects for the burner
  • Knobs with clicking sounds
  • Sink with faucet
  • Fridge with working door
  • Oven with working door
  • Upper shelf
  • Accessories pack including silverware, pot, pan and play food
  • The dimensions are 15.5 inches deep, 30.75 inches wide and 40.25 inches high

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For a closer look at this kitchen playset, check out this short clip below:

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  1. Popping sounds – Having sizzling sounds for a play kitchen is common. The Little Tikes Gourmet Prep ‘N Serve Kitchen and Step 2 Lifestyle PartyTime Kitchen also sizzle when a frying pan is placed on the burner. However, popping sounds are rare. For this playset, there is a popcorn pot with lid and when placed on the stove, the popcorn inside will start to pop. This is what makes this kitchen a little different and fun for kids.
  2. Chef hat and apron – While not all retailers sell the kitchen with a chef hat and apron, there are some which have these two items included for even more interesting play. Kids will also look adorable when dressed up like a real chef while hard at work cooking up a meal in his Sizzle ‘n Pop Kitchen.
  3. Fits in a corner – The size of this play kitchen is not that big and the shape is not rectangular but more of a trapezoid which makes it a better fit in a corner. In other words, it is designed to be space efficient so that it doesn’t end up dominating a room with its presence.


  1. Lacks a microwave – While there is a fridge and oven, the kitchen lacks a microwave at the top. Most kitchens would have this included to make the kitchen complete.
  2. Storage space is small – As mentioned, the kitchen is designed to save space. Therefore, the storage space inside the oven and fridge is not squarish but has an odd angle which makes it kind of small and hard to fit a basket inside.

The Little Tikes Sizzle ‘n Pop Kitchen is actually kind of similar to the Super Chef Kitchen. The measurements are also more or less the same. The former is cheaper by about $20 at the time of review but the extra that you pay for the Super Chef Kitchen is probably worth it because you can attach legs to the base to make it higher as your child grows. This feature is not seen in the Sizzle ‘n Pop Kitchen which has a ground to stove top height of about 22 inches. The Super Chef Kitchen also has a microwave and cabinet although the interiors are on the small side as well since they share the same shape structure.

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Going by the features, the Super Chef Kitchen is definitely the more complete playset of the two. However, if you don’t care for a microwave and cabinet and prefer a more open top shelf, then the Sizzle ‘n Pop Kitchen is the one to choose. After all, having everything included in a compact kitchen playset can make things a little cluttered. The popping popcorn is also a very attractive play option for a kid which you will be hard put to find in other sets. This is the unique feature that separates it from the rest.

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