Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Review

little tikes super chef kitchen playset

When doing the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen review, we find that it is very similar to the Step 2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen II. Both have gender-neutral colors, are of similar size as well as price range.


The following are the features of this play kitchen by Little Tikes:

  • Cabinet with storage space at the top left corner
  • Working microwave and oven doors
  • Fridge with storage space
  • Towel rail in the middle
  • Electronic sizzling and boiling sounds which are activated by a clicker knob above the oven
  • Place for coffee pot and plates
  • Sink with faucet
  • Legs to add height
  • Accessories pack including cutlery, pan, phone and coffee pot
  • The dimensions are 28 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 40 inches tall

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Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen Review


  1. Compact – This fits nicely into a corner of a room with its triangular-like shape. It would be small enough for those with space constraints.
  2. Add-on height – You have the option to screw in the legs or leave them off. If your kid is still young and not tall enough to reach the microwave, you can always opt to leave the legs out and attach them later when she is older.
  3. Assembly is easy – Most people are able to get this toy set up pretty easily although that also depends on your assembly skills and the tools that you have.
  4. Solid – The kitchen playset is very detailed and seems solid in its construction with durable plastic pieces.


  1. Unstable – Some parents have complained that the kitchen is not that stable when the legs are attached.
  2. Small storage space – The plates do not fit well into the microwave and storage cabinet because the space is pretty small.
  3. Insufficient knobs and buttons – Apart from the oven knob, there is a lack of other buttons to make play more interesting.

If we are to compare the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen with the Step 2 Custom Kitchen II, the latter could probably be more interesting to a kid because there are buttons on the microwave which is missing in the former. The storage space is also better designed with a recycle bin to add a little educational aspect to it.

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Suitable for those in the 2 to 5 age group, this Little Tikes kitchen playset has a place for a coffee pot though, which is a nice touch. Your kid will certainly be serving you lots of coffee with this kitchen. Overall, it still lacks a few more knobs and buttons and we have to deduct a few points for that. To us, it doesn’t really qualify as one of the best play kitchens out there. Therefore, if we have to choose between this toy and the Step 2 one, we will pick the latter although it really depends on what would appeal to your kid.

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