Playmobil Sets For Boys

Playmobil is an old brand name. In fact, many of us have played with Playmobil when we were young. It holds lots of memories and it was fun back then. Now, it is still the same. The enjoyment that kids get out of Playmobil has not changed a bit. And there are plenty of options to choose from now with specific Playmobil sets for boys and girls.

Below are a few sets that we have picked out that we think will give lots of room for imaginative play for the boys. They may even seem like the best Playmobil sets in the market with their attractive designs and popular themes.

Playmobil Police Station with Alarm System

Playmobil Police Station

The Playmobil Police Station with Alarm System is a fairly large set that comes with over 200 pieces that you need to assemble. Once put together, your kids will have a 2-level police station and a jail block to play with.

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On the ground level of the station, there is a reception area with shelves to put files and racks for items like keys, batons and handcuffs. A desk with a computer and microphone completes the look. On the second level is the suspect screening room. To make it look realistic, there is a camera and height chart with a laptop and criminal files sitting on a desk. There is also a storage cabinet with racks.

The jail block is where things get a little bit more interesting. In the cell, there is an secret escape hatch on the floor. When the criminal tries to escape, the alarm will sound if it is turned on. Basically, there is a sensor below the escape hatch and when kids push the criminal figurine through it, the sensor is activated and the alarm will sound.

There are lots of other accessories that are included with this police station playset such as satellite dish, bicycle, chairs, security cameras and binoculars. 4 figurines are also part of the package comprising of 3 police officers and 1 criminal.

The Good
  1. Many accessories are included and these are sufficient to make play interesting. You don’t really need to buy any extras to add to the set.
  2. The details are impressive with the heaps of accessories to make the police station look realistic. For instance, the height chart, camera and criminal files will immediately let you know it is a suspect screening room. Kids can also move the accessories around like where to store the guns, handcuffs and batons.
  3. The working alarm and secret escape will fuel the imagination of the kids as they do role playing.
  4. There is room for expansion if needed. For example, there is space to add a police car underneath the prison cell or a few police motorcycles to make play even more exciting.
  5. 4 figurines are included. The 3 police officers are all wearing different uniforms so that kids can assign them different tasks during play.
The Bad
  1. Young kids may not be able to assemble this on their own. An adult will need to spend an hour or two to put this together.
  2. There are many small parts and hence, it may be easy to lose them.
  3. The toy is also not meant for rough play with the amount of small parts all over the set.

In a way, this Playmobil Police Station is more interesting than a wooden police and fire station set like the KidKraft Everyday Heroes because of the presence of the sensor alarm. At least, there is a surprise element there. No doubt, the alarm adds to the cost and hence, this set doesn’t come cheap at about $90 at the time of writing. But it contributes excitement to the kids during play and the attention to details will hook boys to this police station to catch their imaginary criminals.

Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

This Playmobil airplane set comes with an aircraft and an air traffic control tower. The aircraft is pretty big as it is about 2 feet in length and width. The door can be opened and the roof is also removable to fill up the plane with passengers. There are 5 seats inside with a toilet included.

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You can also opened up the hinged roof at the front to put in the pilot in the cockpit. There are 2 seats in the cockpit. There is a cargo compartment too and to access that, kids will need to fold up the front portion of the plane.

An air traffic control tower is part of the set and inside are a desk, chair, microphone and computers. There are 5 figurines for the Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft playset and they are a pilot, stewardess, air traffic controller, ground staff and passenger.

The Good
  1. It is a big plane and it can fit both cargo and passengers which kids will find interesting.
  2. Like other Playmobil sets, the attention to details is also evident. For example, the toilet lid inside the lavatory can be opened and closed while the floodlights on the air control tower can be rotated.
  3. Besides the aircraft, a control tower is also included so that kids can pretend to be air traffic controllers to manage take-offs and landings to widen role play.
The Bad
  1. There are not enough figurines to fill up all the 5 seats on the plane.
  2. There is no ladder included to hook it to the aircraft door for passengers to enter and disembark.
  3. The control tower has no roof and door.
  4. Some parts can detach easily during play and need to be snapped back on. Hence, kids may need to be more delicate with this toy.

Well, it would be good if the Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft playset could have a few more passenger figurines to fill up the seats. But you can buy these separately and other accessories to make the set more complete. For instance, you can get the Aircraft Stairs set which will come with a few more passengers and a stairs that will fit the plane.

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