Playmobil Sets For Girls

There are many Playmobil sets for girls out there but a few of them are really adorable to have. They allow for imaginative and role play with different themes to cater to different preferences. Whether it is a Playmobil farm, house or castle, there are plenty of room for the kids to stretch their imagination with the different backgrounds and figurines.

Below are a few of the best Playmobil for girls playsets. If you are looking for a Playmobil set for boys, go here.

Playmobil Take Along Modern Doll House

Playmobil Take Along Modern Dollhouse

The Playmobil Take Along Modern Doll House has over 100 pieces to give your girls the opportunity to fill up the dollhouse and make it into a cozy home. It is called a Take Along Modern Doll House because it comes in a case that opens up to reveal a double storey house with 4 rooms. The case has a handle at the top and a latch at the side to close it up firmly when play is over.

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The 4 rooms include a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. So, your kids will be able to fill up the 4 rooms with the accessories included such as beds, cradle, stove, sink, bathtub, toilet, high chair, tables, TV and many others. There are also a few stickers to affix.

3 figurines are provided and they are 2 adults and a baby. 2 dogs complete the family picture for this dollhouse playset.

The Good
  1. The dollhouse opens up and closes with a latch which keeps all the pieces safely inside.
  2. There are many accessories included in the package and hence, there are no additional expenses required for extras unlike the Playmobil Large Grand Mansion which comes with only the bare essentials.
  3. There is not much assembly required and older kids may be able to do it on their own.
  4. The price is reasonable for the amount of accessories offered.
  5. The quality is good with detailed designs for all the rooms.
The Bad
  1. The rooms are a bit small and therefore, so are the pieces. With so many tiny pieces, they can get lost easily during play.
  2. Kids will tend to knock the pieces all over the place as they put their hands into the tiny rooms to maneuver the figurines.
  3. The dollhouse could break apart at the hinges over time.

This Playmobil dollhouse is nice with lots of accessories but do note that a lot of those are tiny pieces. Hence, it will not be suitable for toddlers. The pieces also won’t stay in place during play since they are not glued down. Therefore, more delicate handling is required from the kids during play to make it truly enjoyable.

Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall Playset

Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall

The Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall Playset is a really great idea as shopping is a common acitvity which all kids can relate to. Therefore, developing it into a playset or a pretend grocery store will easily encourage kids to engage in role playing and imaginative play.

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The mall structure comes in 2 levels. On the first level, is a bridal shop on one side and a purse shop on the other. Your kids can fill up the shelves with various displays like bags and hats. The bridal shop also has a bridal gown on a mannequin which kids can take off and put on another figurine.

In the center is the ATM machine. The surprise here is that the machine is workable. A plastic card which fits into the figurines’ hand, can be inserted into the slot for the machine to dispense play money. At the side of the first level is the elevator with a rotating clear plastic door. Your kids can push the elevator up and down with a figurine inside to get to and from one to level to another.

On the second level is a boutique and a sports shop. There is a fitting room with a working door and a mirror on one side. A few mannequins can fit in the center with price displays for the different outfits. The fun thing is that these outfits are inter-changeable and can fit onto the different figurines. There are also accessories to set up a cafe area outside the mall with an ice-cream stall and a bench. Altogether, 7 figurines and 5 mannequins are included with various other accessories like potted plants, outfits, cash registers, purses, shoes and many others.

The Good
  1. This is a very detailed shopping mall playset. For instance, even the drawer for the tiny cash registers can be opened and a sticker with notes and coins are provided to be affixed onto the drawer to make it more realistic for the kids.
  2. The interchangeable outfits is an interesting addition to the playset. This means kids have a chance to be creative with the various outfits and hats to make them fit onto the different figurines.
  3. The ATM that dispenses money is another activity that kids can relate to and will be excited to try out.
  4. This Playmobil shopping mall playset is designed with the option to extend. Hence, you can buy an extension set to make the mall bigger and fit it with more shops.
  5. The 7 figurines come in various skin tones and styles to denote the different personalities.
The Bad
  1. There are a lot of pieces to put together and it will take you a couple of hours. Even tiny parts like the gems on the bridal gown need to be affixed. Altogether, the pack has over 500 pieces for you to go through and assemble. On the upside, it is not hard to put together but time-consuming.
  2. The outfits can come off a little too easily as kids bend the figurines since they are only snapped in place.
  3. With so many pieces, it is easy to lose them.

This Playmobil Furnished Shopping Mall playset is worth a serious look because the inter-changeable outfits and functioning ATM will make things really interesting for the kids. You also save yourself the headache of having to buy additional sets to fill up the mall since the accessories provided are sufficient for play out of the box.

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle

Playmobil Fantasy Castle

Few girls would want a building toy. The majority are into dollhouses and castles. Therefore, the Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle would certainly light up most girls’ imagination. As a castle, your kids will find turrets, a grand entrance gate, spiral staircase and lots of rooms for this playset.

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Apart from being grand-looking, the surprise here is a secret hiding place in one of the towers where it is designed to fit the royal jewels. There is also a revolving dance floor where you can fit 2 figures. Turn the crank to get the dance floor to rotate and you will find a dancing pair.

For this castle playset, your kids will get 2 figurines and accessories like a throne, chairs, goblets, chaise, potted plants and a few others. A life-size tiara, bracelet and ring are included to bring play pretend to another level.

The Good
  1. Like most Playmobil sets, you will be happy with the quality and level of detail for this princess castle playset. The doors and windows can be opened and closed while the decoration for the whole castle like the chandelier makes it look regal.
  2. Like the shopping mall playset, you can choose to extend the castle and increase the number of rooms.
  3. The revolving dance floor is a nice touch for girls to imagine scenes for a ballroom.
  4. The life-size tiara and other items will help girls pretend they are the princess of the castle.
The Bad
  1. With nearly 600 pieces, it is a pain to put together. So, do start early if you are thinking of assembling this before giving it to the kids for certain occasions.
  2. Some reviews online have mentioned that certain parts detach easily like the stairs.
  3. The castle does not come fully furnished. You will have to buy the smaller sets separately to fill up the different rooms to get maximum play value.

Girls will certainly enjoying playing with the Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle. They could easily imagine a story right out of a fairy tale with this grand-looking playset. The main drawback is you will need to spend more money to fill up the rooms but there is comfort in knowing it will be played often for such a beautiful castle set. After all, which girl wouldn’t like to pretend to be a princess?

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