Robot Toys For 4 Year Olds

Everyone loves a robot toy. It stimulates the imagination and it is fun giving commands and getting a response. But when it comes to the best robot toys for 4 year olds, you really need to shop around to ensure they are suitable for kids in that age group. Some robot toys can be very advanced that younger children will have problems manipulating the complex controls. Below are a few toy robots that are simpler in design to cater for pre-schoolers.

Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit

Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit

The manufacturer has claimed that the Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit is the world’s only remote-controlled robot for pre-schoolers. But whatever it is, the important thing is it must be fun to play and can make kids interested.

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This robot has working lights with moving eyes and it will make robotic sounds to add life to the toy. It can move forward and spin and all these is controlled remotely using a 2-button remote. The roller wheels on the base of the robot means it can move pretty smoothly across wooden floors.

The Good
  1. The Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit has a cute appearance that will easily entice kids to play with it.
  2. The design is simple which means it is easy for kids to control and understand what it can do. With just 2 buttons on the remote control, even younger kids should be able to get it moving along with some assistance. It would make an ideal first robot toy for toddlers if you think your kid is ready to handle a remote control.
  3. The robot toy is durable and many buyers have commented how well it has held up over abusive play.
  4. The noise it makes is not too loud or annoying. There is also a switch to turn off the volume to make it silent.
The Bad
  1. You need both AA and AAA batteries for the remote control and the robot.
  2. There is no auto-shut off to conserve battery power.
  3. There are no bells and whistles on this robot. It doesn’t talk and shoot missiles like what you would find on other robot toys.

If your kid is new to RC toys, then the Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit might be a good start because of its simplicity. It also takes abuse well, so it is a great choice for younger kids. But for kids over 5 years old and those who have already gotten adept at controlling RC toys, then this robot might be a little too simple and lacks the surprise factor.

WowWee Tipster Toy

WowWee Tipster Toy

The WowWee Tipster is a tad more complicated than the Kid Galaxy Robot Circuit above but it is still a great robot toy for 4 and 5 year olds. There are more buttons on the remote control and it comes with a few accessories which are stored inside a cylinder. The robot can move forward and spin but on top of that, it also has a yellow and green button on its head and on the remote to select a mode of play. There are 5 play modes in total which revolves around stacking and free play.

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Inside the cylinder are 6 mini bots and 4 ladders. The lids on both ends of the cylinder also function as stacking trays which you can affix onto the robot’s hands. Kids will find it fun as the robot spins round and round and knocks off what they have stacked on it. Tipster can also balance on the barrel and move around which is another mode of play.

The Good
  1. The different play modes means there is more to this robot than just moving it around. The stacking games would appeal to kids and make group play more interesting.
  2. It is a cool robot that talks and encourages you to take it for a spin. The sweet tricks mode that sees it balancing on the barrel is a bonus that will make kids fascinated.
  3. Tipster is fun and yet, not too complicated for 4 year olds to handle. The remote has 2 buttons to make it move, so it is simple enough to control. The additional buttons is to choose a play mode which is no different from most other electronic toys for kids. If a kid can handle a toy Smartwatch, this would much easier to grasp.
The Bad
  1. You need a total of 7 batteries altogether for this toy. 3 AAA batteries for the remote and 4 AA batteries for the robot.
  2. There are no controls for a left and right turn. You can only move it forward and then spin it around to go in a different direction.
  3. The robot will not appeal to older kids as the stacking games would seem childish.

The WowWee Tipster is not a bad choice. The different play modes is a change from traditional toy robots. Getting the mini bots to balance on the ladders also requires skills development. So, if you are looking for more vareity of play in a robot, the Tipster is the one to get.

Robo Shooter By ThinkGizmos

Robo Shooter

This one is a more traditional robot toy with missiles flying off its chest when commanded. Compared to the 2 robots above, this one has more functions designed into it with the ability to walk, slide, fire, turn left and right as well as dance. So, a toddler may not be able to handle this but a 4 year old should be able to use the remote to control the Robo Shooter easily enough. For older kids, you can also program the robot to make it move in the sequence that you want using the control buttons on its chest.

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When it is turned on, it will greet you and it will also talk throughout to enliven play. The missiles are in the form of foam discs that fires from its chest at a pretty fast speed. The discs are inserted by lifting up the head. There are 12 discs provided. The robot is about 30 cm tall.

The Good
  1. There are more moves that the robot toy could make including turning left and right.
  2. Kids will love the fire function which they will definitely unleash on “enemies”.
  3. The missiles are made of foam which does not hurt.
  4. There is a programming option that will attract the older kids or at least, prolong the entertainment value of the toy. You can make it fire, walk and turn left and right in the sequence that you want.
The Bad
  1. There have been a number of complaints of defects in the Robo Shooter by some buyers. It does not take command, shoot properly or quit working after a short period of time.
  2. Your kid will need to pick up the foam discs once they are fired. This also means that it is easy to lose them although replacement discs are available for sale.

The Robo Shooter is a super fun RC robot but the only problem is the risk of defects as per online reviews from buyers. It is a more interesting robot toy for boys especially and does not seem to be as childish and simple for 4 and 5 year olds.

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