Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing

If you are looking for a replacement swing for your backyard playset, you got to take a look at the skateboard swing. Instead of going back and forth, a skateboard swing goes from side to side. And like a skateboard, you stand on it instead of sit. So, for an active kid who likes all the action, a skateboard swing is a better choice than a traditional swing.

In this article, we look at the popular Sk8Swing with its pros and cons.

Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing Review


The Sk8Swing boasts of being the most fun swing ever. You can use it as a tree swing or part of a swing set. It is fully handmade in the USA and it uses Canadian Maple for the skateboard.

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With a weight limit of 200lbs, it comes fully assembled and ready to hang. You just need to clip it in if you are hanging it to a swing set.  But if you are using it as a tree swing, you may need to get hanging straps to give you more height if you have a large tree. It will also make the installation easier. As it is, the swing measures about 84″ tall. It uses extra strong rope and has a handle on each side for you to grip as you swing.

You can get the Sk8Swing in 3 colors – natural, blue and red.

Should You Buy This Skateboard Swing?

  1. It is a fun outdoor playground equipment. Apart from a slide and teeter totter, all kids also love being on a swing and a skateboard swing just makes it more fun with the standing and swinging. It is also more adventurous as it allows for different swinging styles.
  2. The Sk8Swing is easy to install as your backyard swing set.
  3. The handles make it easy for the younger ones to balance and swing.
  4. The swing seems sturdy and even adults can get on without any problems.
  1. The younger children may not be able to swing it high enough for the fun to begin.
  2. Even older kids may need practice before they acquire the skills to swing the board.
  3. The price is not cheap and you can get a traditional swing for much less.

A skateboard swing is a nice change from the usual kids’ outdoor playsets. Generally, kids do enjoy the Sk8Swing but there are also a few who find it difficult to get it going. It is more complicated than the usual but if your kids can get the hang of it, it could be double the fun.

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