Step 2 Cozy Kitchen Review

step2 cozy kitchenIf you want a branded kitchen but do not want to pay such a high price, the Step 2 Cozy Kitchen could be the answer. It is similar to those mini Little Tikes kitchen like the Cupcake model which caters to those who prefer a smaller and cheaper toy rather than a huge structure that requires a large space.

The features of the Cozy Kitchen include:

  • Fridge and oven with working door at the bottom
  • Cabinet space at the top level
  • Modern counter top design
  • Movable faucet with sink
  • Hooks for hanging accessories
  • Burner with knobs
  • 21 pieces of accessories including pot, pan, cup and cooking utensils
  • The dimensions are 38 inches high, 20 inches wide and 11 inches deep

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Step 2 Cozy Kitchen Review – Should You Buy?


  1. Price – It is a good price for a branded kitchen for those who like the quality assurance of Step 2 toys. Most Step 2 play kitchens do cost above $100 except for a few like the Lifestyle Custom Kitchen II but that is still more expensive than the Cozy Kitchen.
  2. Small size – The kitchen is compact and will fit nicely in a small corner. While lightweight, it is still well-made with durable plastic that last. A few parents have noted that while the toy appears flimsy with its lightness at first impression, nothing has broken even after a few months of play. Weighing about 14 pounds, you can also move this easily to different sections of the house as needed.
  3. Accessories included – The 21 pieces of accessories that are included in the pack is enough for your kid to start playing immediately.


  1. No microwave – There is no microwave oven for this kitchen. While most playsets would have a microwave at the top level, this one has a small cabinet on each side instead. I don’t see it as a deal breaker but having one would be nice as a microwave is a common appliance in our kitchens and kids would certainly enjoy having one to play with.
  2. No sounds – This kitchen lacks electronic sounds such as sizzling and boiling sounds which are typically found in most Step 2 kitchens. It is certainly a case of you get what you pay for when it comes to the Cozy Kitchen.
  3. Wobbly faucet – Customer reviews show that the faucet could be better made. It may wobble, sag or tilt to one side as some parents have noted.

The Step 2 Cozy Kitchen has a list price of $70 at time of review. At this price, it would certainly not worth a buy because it is merely a tiny, basic kitchen. Get it at a discount instead and you should check out Amazon because they do offer this at a good price at times. I would say $50 to $60 would be a more reasonable price to pay for this kitchen.

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The Cozy Kitchen is suitable for those aged 1+ to 3. Expect it to be small to avoid disappointment. It is not the best kitchen playsets out there but most people who buy this do so because of size and space considerations and this set fits the needs of those who do not have the luxury of space in their homes. Also, be prepared for the toy to be easily pushed around by your kid due to its light weight if you do decide to get this after all.

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