Toy Hair Dryer That Blows Air

It should be fun for kids to to have a toy hair dryer set. After all, they could be watching you blowing dry and styling your hair everyday with your real hair dryer. Hence, it is not surprising if they also look forward to doing the same with their own hair playset. But it wouldn’t seem realistic if the toy hair dryer is merely a piece of plastic with no sound and action. You will need a toy hair dryer that blows air to make play interesting. Below are a few battery operated toy hair dryer playsets.

Theo Klein Braun Beauty Case

theo klein braun beauty case

The Theo Klein Braun Beauty Case playset not only has a hair dryer, but also other hair and beauty items. After all, besides the hair, girls would also love to have a pretty face to go with it. Therefore, the case includes a mirror, hairbrush, comb, pretend lipstick, perfume bottle, hair clips, barrettes and elastic band. Altogether there are 16 pieces including the pink cosmetic case.

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The Braun toy hair dryer is battery operated and requires one “AA’ size battery. It can blow cool air with a quiet sound.

The Theo Klein Braun Beauty Case is not too expensive as a 16-piece playset. It has enough accessories to keep play interesting with different beauty items to stimulate the imagination. There is a mould inside the case to keep all the pieces in order.

However, it is easy for the kids to lose some of the pieces since they are small items. While the toy hair dryer blows air, it is very quiet and the airflow is a little weak. But since it is merely a toy that runs on a single “AA” battery, it is to be expected. Nevertheless, kids will still enjoy playing with it all the same.

Disney Princess Hair Accessory Totedisney princess hair accessory tote

Compared to the toy set above which includes pretend perfume and lipstick, the Disney Princess Hair Accessory Tote is all about hair. The included items are play brush, curling iron, hair dryer, straightener, hair spray bottle and 2 curlers. It comes with a nice tote to keep all the pieces together after play. The toy hair dryer that blows air is powered by 2 “AA” batteries.

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Since Disney Princess is always a popular character among girls, this playset should be much sought after. The princesses featured here are Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle.

This is indeed a cute playset for girls. The hair dryer will surely keep them entertained with the real life sound and cool air. On the downside, the other accessories are kind of fragile and pieces fall off easily. But if the toy hair dryer with the Disney Princesses is what you are after, then it should be a good gift for a little girl.

Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Costume Set

Melissa & Doug hair stylist role play

The Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Costume Set is a bit different from the two playsets above. This one actually encourages role playing with the smock included. You don’t need a whole play kitchen for kids to engage in role and pretend play. All that is needed is a smock with pockets for all the hair styling accessories and your kid will have fun playing a hair stylist.

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The accessories include a toy hair dryer, scissors, headband, comb and plastic hand mirror. A name tag that your kids can personalise is also included. The toy hair dryer with sound also blows cool air to make it seem like the real thing. The scissors are made of plastic and is non-cutting for safety reasons.

Overall, the playset is a change from the usual toys. It makes kids imagine themselves as a hairdresser and pretend play will seem more real as they give you a hair makeover. However, the toy hair dryer is also a bit weak with very low amount of air. Parents may also need to keep an eye on their kids as they play with the scissors.

If more hair tools are included in the set such as curlers and straightening irons, it would certainly be more interesting. But it would add to the costs. At the moment, the Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Costume Set is still affordable as a play pretend toy for the kids.

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