Toy Vacuum That Really Works

Fancy a toy vacuum that really works for your kid? Kids like to mimic adults and when they see you bringing out the vacuum cleaner each time, they will look forward to helping you with your chore. But you can’t give them the real vacuum which is heavy and big, right? So, a toy vacuum cleaner for toddlers is the answer.

Toy Dyson Vacuum – Dyson Ball

Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum

This toy Dyson vacuum is a replica of the real Dyson Ball model. It can twist and turn as your kid pushes it for better manueverability. You can turn the suction function on and it can suck up tiny snippets of paper and other small and lightweight items. This is linked to a compartment at the back for the wastes which your kid can remove and empty.

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There is also a clear plastic section with colorful beads inside. When your kids turns the toy vacuum cleaner on, the beads will spin to imitate a cyclone action. The toy also emits sounds similar to a real vacuum. The size is 7 .75″ (L)  x 7″ (W) x 25″ (H) and the Dyson Ball toy vacuum cleaner requires 4 ‘C’ batteries to operate.

Should You Buy The Toy Dyson Vacuum?

Before you buy any toy vacuum cleaner, bear in mind that, ultimately, it is just a toy. While the toy vacuum works, it is not a powerful and durable piece of equiment like the real thing. Similarly, there have been complaints online from buyers that the toy isn’t as durable as they would have liked. Made of plastic, parts can snap and get broken if handled a little too roughly. Therefore, do not expect this item to last if your kid likes to play rough. The sucking power too is pretty limited. Also, the toy Dyson Ball vacuum is on the small side. It fits a toddler but for those around the age of 5, they would probably need to stoop to play with it.

However, despite the drawbacks, this mini Dyson toy is probably one of the best models out there in the market. And the thing is kids love it. They find it fun to push it around the house and feel like they are helping out with the cleaning. And if they have a playhouse, this could indeed be a good complement.

On the practical side, there are 2 buttons to control the toy. The first one merely activates that spinning beads. There is a second button that will turn on the suction and make the toy go a little louder. So, if the suction is not turned on, you may be able to lengthen the life of the batteries.

Check out the short video clip below on the toy Dyson Ball. The kids are really cute, by the way!

Toy Dyson DC14

Toy Dyson Dc14 Vacuum

The DC14 is another popular Dyson vacuum cleaner model that has been turned into a toy. The features are similar to the Dyson Ball; only the design is different to replicate the real thing. It has a detachable wand with suction, sound effects, spinning beads and removable dustbin just like the Dyson Ball vacuum toy.

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It is also on the small side, geared more towards toddlers and pre-schoolers. The toy Dyson DC14 measures 8.27″ (L) x 8.86″ (W) x 27.17″ (H). It also utilizes 4 ‘C’ batteries to get it running.

Which One Should You Buy?

At the time of writing, the price for the two toys are pretty similar at slighly less than $30 on Amazon. But based on the numerous customer reviews that we have seen, the disadvantages for the DC14 model seem to be more pronounced.

While some has raised the issue of the Dyson Ball toy not being able to stand upright, the rest of the toy seems to be working well for most. But the toy Dyson DC14 has a front part that keeps falling off which you will need to re-attach. On top of that, complaints of the wheels squeaking are pretty common although it may be remedied with household lubricants.

However, what drives us to recommend the Dyson Ball instead of the DC14 toy vacuum is the difficulty for kids to remove the hose and attachments for play. Parental assistance is required to press the button to detach and put back those hand attachments which is an annoyance when you have to do so each time your kid takes this out to play. Chances are you will have to drop whatever you are doing to assist when your kid comes running to you to get the hose out and put it back in its place. So, that is why the Dyson Ball gets our vote instead as the toy vacuum that works for a toddler.

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