Toys That Can Be Taken Apart


take apart toys for kids

Kids just love to break their toys. They are curious as to what is inside or how it works and as such, it is not uncommon to find them breaking their toys apart just to check things out. Imagine a brand new toy that you have just bought ended up in pieces.

This is where toys that can be taken apart come in. For those budding engineers and builders, these toys would be perfect. Let them figure out how to break them apart and then put them back together. It is a challenge for young minds and helps to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills. Some kids can spend hours with these toys because to them, they are intriguing.

Below are 5 best-selling take apart toys for those aged 3 and above:

1. Battat Take-A-Part Roadster

battat take apart roadster car

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Boys will always like to play with cars and other vehicles. So, you can find many take apart toys in the form of trucks, cranes and cars. The Battat Take-A-Part Roadster is a 18-piece toy with a battery-powered tool with 3 interchangeable ends. Boys will certainly have lots of fun putting this together.

Apart from this model, the company also has other designs that offers the same kind of play. These include the BattatĀ take apart airplane, four wheel drive and crane. All of these toys not only will help your kid to learn how to build but also provide opportunities for imaginative play. This series is indeed one of the best-selling toys in this category.

2. Caterpillar Construction Take Apart Dump Truck

cat construction take apart truck

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Similar to the Battat take apart toys, the Caterpillar Dump Truck also has a power tool in the form of a hand drill for removal and assembling of components. Your kid can remove and re-assemble the tires, driver’s cabin, front cover and other parts of the vehicle using the drill.

Apart from the dump truck, you can get CAT machines in the form of a skid steer and wheel loader. This take apart dump truck is not that complicated and even an older toddler might be able to figure out how it works. So, it does make a good first take apart toy for those in the younger age group.

3. Big Rig Tool Box Hauler Truck

big rig tool box take apart hauler truck

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This has a well thought out design. With toys that can be taken apart, there is always a big risk of losing the parts. The Big Rig comes with a tool box for all the screws and tools, which makes it really neat to have all the parts in one place.

The tool box fits onto the back of the hauler. To release the tool box from the truck, there is a switch at the bottom for that purpose. The vehicle components can be removed such as the tires, truck head and smoke stacks. Your kid can then use the tools provided to put them back together.

The fun part is the truck also makes an engine sound with a push of a button which not many take apart toys do. With the tool box, it adds a little more fun to the whole toy because it can be played with separately too.

4. Discovery Toys Motor Works

discovery toys motor works

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This toy comes with a drill and your kid would be building three items here instead of one. The Motor Works consists of a plane, race car and motorbike in a set. The manufacturer’s recommended age for this is 4 onwards but 3-year-olds should find this fun too.

Other items in the set include a tool box, manual screwdriver and tool bits. There are even extra screws which is nice since they do get lost easily with young kids.

The Discovery Motor Works is a bit expensive compared to the Battat take apart toys but they are of good quality and comes with three items to assemble which should make it more interesting overall.

5. TOMY Constructables Motorized Building Vehicle Playset

tomy construtables motor toy

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This toy set is a little different than your typical take apart toys. The TOMY Constructables doesn’t have any drills or screwdrivers but they are simply snap on toys. Your kid just needs to take two parts to join them together to come up with his preferred vehicle.

There are 18 pieces altogether. With these pieces, your kid can build any of the designs shown in the picture. He can also mix and match anyway he likes so, he is not limited to the 4 designs shown above.

The items he constructs can actually move because the Constructables Motorized Vehicle Playset comes with a battery-powered motor for 4 of these pieces. The propellers and wheels would also turn when attached to these motor pieces. There is a switch to turn it on and the vehicle can go both forward and backward.


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