Best Push Toy Walkers

When you are choosing a push toy walker, there are various factors to take into consideration. First and foremost, these toys are just aids to help your toddler walk. If your child is not ready, she will not be able to walk no matter what toy you buy. But when she is ready, the baby walkers are there to assist and help her gain confidence in her new found skills.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of walkers that are designed for those aged 9 months as a starting point. This is when your baby can sit securely on her own and perhaps starting to learn how to grapple onto something to try to stand. If your child is at this stage, a learn to walk toy needs to be sturdy and stable enough so that it won’t topple over when she tries to hang on to it as she pulls to stand up.

Apart from stability, the wheels too is an important consideration. Can they be locked or is there a built-in resistance so that the push toy walker won’t go too fast for those who are just learning to take a few steps? If a walker glides too fast, your toddler will just fall as she won’t be able to keep up.

Then, think about the other features that come with the toy. Are they fun for a toddler? Can it grow with your child? There is no point buying a walking toy that will only be used for a few months. Look around for something that will get played with a little longer. That is the value for money aspect that a toy should have. A lot of toys that help kids learn to walk these days would incorporate a few interactive and learning aspects into them. If the features are interesting and can gradually become more suitable as she grows older, you will then have more than a walker.

Lastly, there are always pros and cons to every walker toy.  For example, a light one will be harder to use for early walkers but it will be more suitable a few months down the road as it will be easier for her to turn and maneuver. So, think about what you would want out of a walker a few months ahead too if you are not planning on getting any other similar toy later on.

Below is our selection of the 10 best toddler walkers:

1. V-Tech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

vtech sit to stand learningThe V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is one of those baby walking toys that has a lot of interactive features. The good thing is it isn’t very expensive as a walker compared to some other similar toys out there and it offers a lot fun with its electronic panel which is detachable. So, you can start with this toy for your baby at around 9 months of age. She is not walking yet, but she can play with the activity panel by pressing buttons and listening to sounds and songs on the floor since it can be detached from the walker frame.

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There are 2 modes of play through the electronic features – learning and music mode. Learning means knowing about shapes and hearing phrases, sounds, numbers and colors when certain actions are done such as inserting the shapes into the sorter and spinning the flower wheels. In music mode, your child will hear melodies being played when the shapes buttons are pressed. She can also play a few notes on the piano keys. There is a handset included which has animals singing and a swinging door with a peek-a-boo cow. As a baby walker with music, it has much to offer in terms of entertainment.

The electronic panel is motion-activated in that it will play songs and emit sounds when it is attached to the walker and your toddler pushes it around. This would motivate her to walk a few more steps to hear the music playing. The V-Tech Learning Walker is a toy that stimulates both mental and physical development in a toddler before they graduate to a climber. In the aspect, it is a value-for-money buy given its affordable selling price.

But if you are looking for a walker that your toddler can grasp and pull herself up, this may not be it because the wheels don’t lock completely. It will move when she is trying to stand and that will make her fall back down. Except for this one setback, this toy walker is worth a serious look.

2. Step2 Walker Wagon With Blocks

step2 walker wagon with foam blocksWhen it comes to a walker, some parents prefer it to be heavy while others like it light. It really depends on what stage of development your toddler is at. This Step2 Walker Wagon will not make a good walker for a toddler who is still struggling to stand up but would be good for someone who has gained the skills in standing up on her own and walking a few steps. That is probably why it has a manufacturer recommended age of 18 months.

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A wagon means there is room for play even when your child has grown older and can walk on her own. She can sit in it and be pulled for a little fun or she can fill it with her dolls and stuffed toys and push them around the house. That is the extra benefit of having a wagon as a walker. You can also use it to store toys when it is not in use.

The Step2 Walker Wagon has an elongated wheel base for more stability. The wheels are plastic which means they can be a little slippery.  This toddler walker comes with foam blocks for stacking and learning the ABCs.

3. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

fisher price corn popper walkerThis one is a classic. It has been around for a long time and for many parents, it is indeed nostalgic. The Fisher Price Corn Popper walker toy has a plastic dome with balls in it. When pushed or pulled, the balls would make a ruckus inside the dome and make the pop sounds. Naturally, the faster your toddler pushes this along, the faster the balls pop around.There is an easy to grasp handle that attaches to a sturdy base for small hands to push and pull.

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It is a simple toy but will give your toddler a lot of fun. It is also very noisy, so you do need to be prepared for the noise when you buy this. But it will be priceless to watch your toddler laughing when pushing this along!

While it offers lots of fun, bear in mind that the Corn Popper is not really suitable for toddlers who are still learning how to stand steadily. It doesn’t have 4 wheels to offer more stability to a beginner. It is more suitable for older toddlers who are already steady on their feet but need to gain confidence to walk for longer distances. This toy encourages them to walk further due to the cause-and-effect of the pushing action. Since kids would love to hear the popping sounds and see the balls jiggling all over the place inside the dome as they push, it will make them try to go as far as they can.

4. Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stroll Along Walker

fisher price stroll along walkerWe picked this one out because it provides en element of play for your kid for the time when she no longer needs a learning to walk toy to help her out. The Fisher Price Stroll Along Walker offers support when your toddler is still unsteady on her feet with its wide base and easy-to-grip handle. For play, there is a flip book on the safety tray, roller bar below it and spinners on both sides. Near the handle is a bear. When its tummy is pressed, your toddler will get to listen to music as she strolls along.

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Since the toddler walker is designed like a stroller, that means this is also a toy that will provide hours of fun to your child. As a toy, you can bet that this walker would be lightweight since your kid would be pretending it to be an actual stroller and pushing it around the house when she is older.

One disadvantage of the Stroll Along Walker is that it doesn’t come with the doll as shown in the picture. You will have to buy that separately which is a shame. Both of these items just go together perfectly and the company should have thought of that when it packages this product. But then again, any doll or stuffed toy that can fit in the walker-stroller would work too. In that sense, it may not be a great setback but still, it would be nice if the doll is included.

5. Radio Flyer 12S Classic Walker Wagon

radio flyer classic walker wagonTired of plastic toys all the time? Then, let’s look at a different kind of walker toy here. The Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon has a solid wood body which means it is definitely heavier than many of the plastic baby walkers out there. The sides too are made of wood and is removable for more fun when your toddler is older.

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The front is rounded so that you have less to worry about when your toddler pushes this into your couch and table around the house. You can bet that it will happen and having a bumper will ensure your furniture last a little longer!

The tires have a grip tread with built-in resistance. That makes it easier for a toddler who is just taking his first few steps as the wagon would not roll away from him. But the downside is it is harder to maneuver when he is older and runs with it around the living room. It is heavy after all with its wooden body. The 12S Wagon is a classic wooden baby walker though and many parents do prefer its sturdiness compared to plastic walkers.

6. Fisher Price Lion Musical Walker

fisher price musical walker lionOkay, now let’s take a look at something that costs a little cheaper. At the time of writing, the Fisher Price Lion Musical Walker is selling at less than $20 which is cheaper than all the walkers introduced above. And you can also buy this when your child is still a baby at 6 months of age because of its grow-with-me feature which is why we think it is one of the best learn to walk toys out there.

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Basically, it is just like the V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker whereby your child can sit and play with the various features on the walker when she is still a baby before graduating to using it as a walking aid when she is ready to take her first few steps.

But while the V-Tech walker allows you to detach the activity panel, there is no such feature for the Fisher Price Lion Musical Walker. All the 8 different activities are on the walker frame itself. These include piano keys, ears that roll, claker-bead toes, dials, butterfly and mirror. Music will play when your toddler pushes the walker to encourage her to walk a few more steps. While it may have less electronic features compared to the V-Tech, the Lion Musical Walker is certainly much cuter. And it is cheaper too.

7. Pewi Ybike Ride-On Toy And Walking Buddy

pewi ybike ride on toy and walking buddyThis is certainly a walker with a difference. As you can see from the picture, the Pewi Ybike is not only a walking buddy but also a ride-on toy for older children.

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It works as a walker because of its wide base which provides stability and minimizes the risk of it tipping over. So, toddlers can use it to pull themselves up and push it along for balance when they start to learn how to walk. If your toddler is tall enough so that her feet touches the ground when seated on the walker, then she can use it to scoot around. But compared to traditional sit-in walkers, this one has an open space to encourage her to learn balance and develop trunk muscles. When she is older, this will then become a ride-on toy. Bear in mind that it is a baby walker with swivel wheels and it is light to enable your child to maneuver the toy in any direction. It also has a weight capacity of 44 lbs.

In that sense, it will definitely last a while longer in terms of play when you buy the Pewi walking buddy and ride-on toy. You might get better value with it over the long run compared to traditional walkers that will be stored away after a few months. But with its easy maneuverability, it scoots fast and some babies will find it hard to use in the very early stages. However, in the later stages, this would make a fun toy to scoot around in making it different from other push toy walkers.

8. V-Tech 3-In-1 Learning Scooter

v-tech learning scooterThis item is a walker, ride-on toy and scooter in one unit. However, the V-Tech 3-in-1 Learning Scooter is aimed at older toddlers rather than those aged 9 to 12 months. This is because it is not a sit and play toy at a baby level and the handle for push walking doesn’t extend far enough for the younger ones. The recommended age for this walker toy is 18 months instead.

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To convert it into a ride-on toy, the handle is adjusted to a horizontal position to become the seat. To change into a scooter, the seat is lifted up vertically to become a handle again. Of course, you cannot compare it to the bigger 3-wheel scooters for older kids but it is still fun for 2 to 3 year-olds. There are buttons on the mane with different colors whereby your toddler will be able to learn colors and listen to melodies and sounds. 3 play accessories are included as well which can be used inter-changeably with the horn which is located on the zebra’s head.

All in all, it is a fun toy that is visually appealing to a toddler. For the price, it is worth it because of its various modes of play to accommodate a growing child. Your child would still be able  to scoot around in it 2 years later if you buy it when she is 18 months old.

9. Little Tikes Push And Ride Doll Walker

little tikes push and ride walkerThe top toddler toys does not need to be complicated. Nor does it need to come with all the electronic features with lights, songs and sounds. Sometimes, simplicity is best and you don’t need to pay for all the bells and whistles that you can live without. The Little Tikes Push and Ride Doll Walker is one of those that is simple and durable.

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This toy is a walker and ride-on in one. It has a high back and handle that toddlers can use to push from behind. The high back also keeps your child from toppling backwards when riding on it. It is low to the ground so that makes it easy to a youngster to get on and off by herself. The cute thing is there is also a doll seat at the back. Your child can push her favorite doll in it or ride with her around the house.

This model is aimed at the girls market while there is also a boys’ version which is the Little Tikes Push and Ride Racer. The colors are different but the features are the same. The recommended age for this toy is 9 months to 3 years.

10. Haba Walker Wagon

haba walker wagonThis is a simple wagon but an expensive one. Not many parents would be willing to spend so much on a toy but the Haba Walker Wagon is a well-made and solid piece that is different from your usual plastic ones. It is heavy and sturdy that it won’t tip over when your toddler is pulling herself up with it. It is also a baby walker with brakes and rubber wheels.

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There is room for storage as well as a seat right in front. This makes it fun when you push your toddler for a ride. She can also use it to push her friend around too.

What sets the Haba Walker Wagon apart from the rest is the adjustable brakes. That means you can loosen or tighten the brakes to suit your toddler’s needs which you would not find in a typical walking toy. It is a simple wagon with no sounds and toys but it is definitely well-built to last you beyond a few kids.

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