Toys That Make Animal Sounds


Toys that make animal sounds are popular among parents because they are fun and there is a learning element involved. Hearing a cow moos or a lion roars after a button is pressed also exposes a toddler to the world of cause-and-effect. They are usually accompanied by upbeat melodies or ABCs too to help a toddler learn a few other things besides animal sounds alone. If your toddler is the more adventurous kind, a dinosaur toy is also a good alternative.

Below are 5 best-selling toys that make animal noises for your child:

1. Ertl John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride

john deere animal sounds hay ride
This John Deere Animal Sounds Hay Ride is a toy recommended to those aged 18 months and above. It is a very cute toy that plays the Old McDonald tune when the farmer is pressed down.

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The four animals riding at the back make relevant noises when they are pushed down too. They are removable for play but must be seated correctly in the wagon. The detachable farmer and animals give this toy an added variety of play which makes it more fun for a toddler. On the flip side, it is easy to lose one of the pieces since they can be removed from their seats.

2. The Farmer Says

fisher price the farmer saysThis is a Fisher Price product that is also a classic learning toy. It is basically a See ‘n Say toy. The Farmer Says takes the shape of a barn with farm animals featured throughout. There are 16 animals altogether with a flip page to accommodate all of them.

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So, how does a toddler play with this toy? Well, he just needs to point the arrow that is located right in the middle of the toy to any of the animals shown and then pull the lever. The toy would then give off the relevant animal sound.

There is a quiz mode too right at the bottom of the page. When the arrow is pointed at the quiz mode, it will ask a question about which animal makes a certain sound. There is also a music mode which plays Old McDonald and Farmer In The Dell when the arrow is pointed at that section.

3. LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set

leapfrog fridge farmThis one is a bit more expensive for a toy that makes animal noises. However, there is more to it than just simple animal sounds. The LeapFrog Fridge Farm is a magnetic toy set that your toddler can play on the fridge while you are busy in the kitchen. Of course, he can also do so on the floor.

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Then, it comes with simple matching puzzles. There are 5 animals and each animal is broken into 2 pieces. They are a pig, sheep, duck, cow and horse. Match them correctly on to the board and your toddler will be rewarded with the correct animal name, sound and a song. Match them wrongly and it will spit out the two animal names in a funny way and the sounds they make. Another song will be played too to let you know that you have gotten it wrong. At the top is a button featuring a farmer that you can press to hear a few banjo tunes.

So, the Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set has more to offer than just animal sounds alone. Your toddler can mix and match the different animals together for a fun way of learning. It has a handle for portability and storage place for all the pieces. Easy to carry around when you are traveling with its lightweight feature too.

4. Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Puzzle

melissa & doug animal sound puzzleThe concept is simple with this toy. Put the right piece in the right slot and your toddler will get to hear the animal sound. Matching has always been one of the more popular toddler toys concept. The one shown here has farm animals as its theme. There are also other themes in Sound Puzzle series including zoo animals, pets, vehicles and even shapes.

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It teaches kids about cause and effect, vocabulary and matching skills. While the concept is great with this toy puzzle, there are a fair number of complaints about its quality due to the noises it makes on its own. So, if you do buy this, keep it out of your toddler’s bedroom. The noises that it emit all of a sudden could just wake him up!

5. Fisher Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo

fisher price little people zoo talkers set

The Fisher Price item seems like a very fun toy for the little ones. Compared to other toys that usually make farm animal sounds, this one has zoo animals as its theme. It is a playset which allows imaginative play with the different toy animals in a zoo surrounding. So, your toddler will learn about the look of different animals and the sounds they make. All he has to do is to put the animal in the paw pad on the set’s base and press it to hear the name and sound of the animal. Included in the Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo are a lion, gorilla and polar bear. You can buy more animals for the zoo such as tiger, zebra, penguin, hippo and elephant.You can also get a safari truck to go with the zoo.

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What makes this fun is how the zoo is set up. There are polar, jungle, grassland and water areas for the different animals. Your toddler can push the polar bear down the slide or swing the gorilla in the basket up on the tree. There are other fun features too like a lilypad, peek-a-boo and ticket booth.

The set is not exactly cheap compared to say, the Sound Puzzle above, but there is more fun to it with the different animals and the imagination that could accompany play. You could also build the set up to include a larger pack of animals and other items. There are also books to go with the toy for more learning options.

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