Toys With Gears For Toddlers

You might think that a gear toy is boring for a kid but with the right patterns and colors, they can be a very fun thing to play with even for toddlers. The mechanics on how gears work together can also be fascinating to experiment with. Toys with gears can easily be found in the marketplace but what makes one stands out would be its ability to interchange to create different patterns. That will give the toy a more open-ended kind of play and room for a toddler to experiment.

Below are 5 best-selling toys with gears for toddlers:

Playskool Busy Gears

playskool busy gears

This gear toy would be suitable for toddlers as they can sit and play on their own with it. The Playskool Busy Gears not only has gears all round but also plays music and comes with flashing lights.

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The gears are interchangeable and fit on the board posts. Your toddler can also stack and sort them for a different kind of play. All the gears would turn when it is switched on and the toy does not hurt little fingers.

This toy with 11 interchangeable gears all about discovery and exploration as your toddler makes it go round and round. There is an auto-shut off feature and a handle for portability.

Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears

quercetti kaleido gears

This is not exactly a toddler toy with a manufacturer recommended age of 3 and above. But we have picked this one out because adults can also have fun with it while playing together with their toddler. If you are worried, take away the smaller parts. This is a 55-piece set with 3 gear sizes, so there are plenty to go around to create the designs that you want. If you do buy this for your toddler, you will need to sit and play with him because of the complexity of building it. But it is a toy with gears that a kid can grow to love as he gets older.

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The Kaleido Gears has interlocking plates and you can create any pattern you want since the board base is not fixed. That allows your kid to be creative in his designs. The gears have patterns on it and there is a handle included to make the meshing gears turn.

For a toddler, the fun is in watching the gears turn and spin. Over time, he will be able to build it up himself as he sees and learns how it is done. As mentioned, it is not as simple as the Playskool Busy Gears and your toddler will need your guidance to make it work. This is a longer term toy, so buy it with that in mind.

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Gear Toy

melissa & doug caterpillar gear toyA caterpillar is often fun to look at for a toddler. So, if you combine the two to make a Caterpillar Gear Toy, it would definitely be a hit. This one is so simple in concept but cute in visual appeal. Turn it slow and watch the caterpillar “move”. Turn it faster and your toddler will be fascinated with the spinning gears.

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There are 6 interchangeable gears in different colors and a wooden board. The legs are painted on the board and there are pegs on it to fit the gears. Your toddler can learn colors with the gears and hand-eye coordination as he arranges the gears to fit onto the board.

Since the gears can be removed and re-arranged, it makes it fun for a toddler. It is not a complicated toy like the Kaleido Gears which need parental supervision and guidance. Sometimes, a simple toy is all it needs to keep a toddler amused.

TOMY Gearation Refrigerator Magnets Building Toy

tomy gearation magnets building toyThis TOMY Fridge Magnet Gear Toy has 5 interlocking gears. But compared to the other gear toys which is hand-driven, this one has a central gear that runs on battery. So, your kid can switch it on and watch the gears turn by themselves.

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All of the gears are magnetic which means you can stick them onto your fridge or dishwasher and let your toddler play with the gears while you are busy in the kitchen. The manufacturer recommended age for this gear toy is 3 plus but it should not be too difficult for your toddler to figure it all out after a while. It is not as complicated as the Kaleido Gears but not as simple as the Playskool Busy Gears and the Caterpillar Gears either. It is a nice in-between toy in terms of complexity.

With just a few pieces but plenty of re-configuration options, it can still encourage creativity and exploration. Younger toddlers will love to watch them spin and whirl while older ones will know how to make it work with ease.

Melissa & Doug Switch And Spin Magnetic Gear Board

melissa & doug switch and spin magnetic board

This one is a little different from the other gear toys because of the use of templates. The Switch And Spin Magnetic Gear Board has 10 picture templates to choose from for play. There is a wooden frame for the templates and spaces to place the pegs and gears. There are 8 pegs and gears altogether to arrange and spin.

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The pictures are line drawings and when the gears are placed, it will then take on a very colorful look. Your toddler can also play with the gears without the picture templates. Simply remove the templates to arrange the gears on the white magnetic board underneath. This allows for free form of play and encourages creativity in your toddler.

The drawback with this Melissa & Doug gear toy is that it can’t work on vertical metal surfaces like your fridge. Because it needs the pegs for the gears, they will fall off when placed vertically. But it is a fun sit and play gear toy for toddlers which also helps in the development of motor skills and learning about cause and effect.

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