Tree Swings For Kids

Apart from a slide, swing is the other favorite among kids when it comes to backyard toys. The good thing about a tree swing is that it does not need a huge structure set up unlike a swing set. As long as you have a suitable tree somewhere in your backyard, all you need to do is to buy one tree swing and your kids will automatically have a great time outdoors. Below are popular tree swings for kids for you that you can choose from:

Super Spinner Fun Child Swing

Super Spinner Tree Swing

This is a very affordable tree swing for the kids. Made in the USA, it comes with weather resistant clips for you to hook it up. You can also attach the swing to a swing set. The high quality ropes are adjustable to desired height and they are built to last. It should be able to hold a maximum of 150 lbs.

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The heavy duty plastic disc is the tree swing seat and it has UV protection on it to prevent the color from fading. The size of the disc is about 27 inches in diameter. It also has a drainage hole to prevent water from collecting on the seat. Available in different colors such as blue, yellow and red, it is big enough for 2 young kids to get on at the same time.

The Super Spinner seems sturdy and assembly is fairly easy. Some online reviewers have mentioned that even adults could get on the swing without a problem. Bear in mind that if you are hanging it from a tree, you might need separate straps and additional ropes, depending on the height that you are hanging it from. From the online reviews, it is obvious that kids enjoy this tree swing with its spinning element and parents are comfortable with the safety aspect. It could well be a better buy than a traditional tire swing.

Web Riderz Children’s Web Swing

Web Riderz Swing

Instead of a plastic disc, the Web Riderz Children’s Web Swing is strung and hung with UV-resistant polyethylene rope. It has a powder-coated steel tube construction with a diameter of slightly over 3 feet. It comes fully assembled but a hanging kit is still required to affix it to a tree. You can choose to do a single or dual attachment set up.

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The Web Riderz is more expensive than the Super Spinner but it is also bigger. Its weight limit is also much higher at 600 lbs. But this would also mean that tree limb must be able to withstand that weight capacity.

The good thing about a bigger outdoor tree swing for kids is that more children can get on it at the same time. This swing set could probably accommodate 4 young kids at the same time. The other great thing about the bigger seat is that kids can lie down on it as they are swung. It is also safer for the younger ones who are just getting the hang of sitting on a swing.

HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing

HearthSong Platform Swing

Instead of a round tree swing, the HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing is rectangular. It is a big swing measuring 40″ long and 30″ wide. In fact, some parents find that it is hard for a kid to swing on alone because of a lack of power to get it moving higher by themselves. It might work better for some as a 2-person swing. Alternatively, if your kids are the more adventurous type, you might like to check out the skateboard swing instead.

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With a sturdy padded steel frame, it has a rope seat. It comes in 4 pieces that requires a little assembly. You will need to get a hanging kit to set it up on your tree. The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs which means it can support an adult, if need be. Being a platform swing, it is perfect for younger kids. They can lie back and watch the sky as they sit on the swing or stand on it. Being large also means your kids can get on it together at the same time.

Most reviews online for the HearthSong Deluxe Platform Swing are positive. Buyers are satisfied with its safety, sturdiness, ease of set up and durability. Kids enjoy this outdoor swing and adults too won’t be able to resist a ride.

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