Water Table For Toddlers

Come summer months, outdoor play is a must. With the hot weather, what better things to play with than with water. So, for a toddler, a water table is best. Kids can spend hours playing with a water activity table if you get the right one for them. Below are a few that we think stand out with their design to keep kids interested.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand And Water Table

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Center

Playing with water alone may be a little boring. So, why not add in a sand component too just like at the beach? The Step2 sand and water table combines these 2 into a fun activity table that is just right for toddlers with its low height of less than 2 feet. It will stimulate their imagination as they play with the beach toys like shovel, pots and boats that are included.

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For more interesing play, you can add more of your own toys. There are also bridges and ramps on the sand and water activity table to further stimulate play. The table also has a cover to keep the sand clean since this is an outdoor toy. Interestingly, the cover also has molded tracks on it so that kids can use it to play with their toy vehicles. It is a well thought out detail that helps to provide more variety of play for the table. As a lid for the table, it also has elastic tie-downs to keep it secure.

This Step2 outdoor activity table comes with a removable umbrella with UV protection. This is a much needed inclusion because you will definitely need one when the weather turns hot. The design of the table is intended to match the outdoor surroundings with its natural colors and wood crafted styling. When it comes to storage, the legs are detachable and there is a drain plug on the water side of the table.

Why You Should Get The Step2 Sand And Water Center

This table is smaller than a kids’ sandbox but it will enable your toddler to mimic play at the beach. It is always much more fun mixing sand with water than just playing with sand or water alone. Your toddler could also learn the effects of mixing the two components and the different textures that result.

Furthermore, it is easy to assemble and like most Step2 products, highly durable. Their outdoor toys like plastic slides and playhouses do not fade even when exposed to the elements throughout the year.

On the flip side, play can be messy when the sand gets wet. It will also be a hassle to clean up when your toddler has moved the sand to the water portion of the table and vice-versa. There is a drain hole on the water side only. Therefore, it can be difficult to clear water from the sand part when play is over.

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table

Little Tikes Anchor Away Pirate Ship Water Table

This is a kids’ water table with a pirate ship theme. What this means is that there are elements of play pretend here with pirates, water cannon and anchor to keep kids engrossed. Your toddler can squirt water from the cannon, create currents with the spinner, pump water, raise or lower the anchor and pour water into the crows nest to make things spin.

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In other words, there are enough activities to cater for group play as well as to keep the kids interested. There are also buckets to scoop and pour water all over and a squirting shark to add to the excitement.

Should You Buy This Little Tikes Water Table For Your Toddler?

The table is made in a shape of a boat which makes it stand out from the others. Thus, kids are more easily attracted to it. The construction is also durable as a backyard toy. The varied features invite play and the water cannon should be an attraction. The design simply gives ample room for imaginative play. It is also large enough to be able to accommodate 2 or 3 kids at a time. Assembly is fairly easy which should delight parents.

However, not everything is perfect about this water table for toddlers. There is no cover or umbrella included. You will have to find one that fits and buy them separately which adds to the cost. Furthermore, there have complaints of leaks although this is a common issue in all water tables. The kast setback is the difficulty in clearing water from certain spots of the table. Water collects in these small cavities which may cause mold to grow.

But despite the drawbacks, the Little Tikes Anchor Away Pirate Ship Water Table is a fun water toy for the summer months. There are a lot of things for toddlers to do when they stand around the table and hence, it could potentially keep them entertained for hours.

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